Rabid Fangirl Generalization

Don’t you just hate it when someone assumes you’re a crazy person in love with a character that you want all to yourself, think they’re real, will do whatever it takes to bring down anyone who ships them with another character from the franchise, or attack anyone who likes that character too? When the truth is, you’ve outgrown that behavior?

Yeah, all women hate it. Now, I’m sure we’ve all been through that phase where we wanted to claim our favourite character from a video game, movie, comic, anime, etc. all to ourselves when we were teenagers or older when our love for the character was barely a year old. It’s one thing for people to get irritated when you’re still going through that phase but it’s not okay for people to generalize you as a rabid fangirl when you’ve outgrown that behavior.

I have gone through many phases of wanting a fictional character I love all to myself; it’s happened in my teen years, and it’s happened this year too actually. But the good news is that the phase that happened this year…..had officially ended by the time summer rolled around.

Since I feel like some people in fandoms still view me as a rabid fangirl and just because a female fan of whatever calls herself a fangirl……that should not automatically mean that they are a crazy one who claims ownership and all that weird stuff.

I mean, what if you’re just a regular fangirl? That type of thing does exist and I’m sick of the stereotypes.

On Halo forums, my signature says a quote by the Didact and “#1 Didact fangirl since 17/11/2014” Right away I feel like that’s something where people will automatically think that I’m some crazy person who wants the Didact all to myself so I might consider editing that part out of my siggy. On this forum in particular, I decided to stop the behavior of treating the Didact like that immediately once I realized how dumb it was and when I was given the task as a rate leader on that forum.

The reality is that I went through the rabid phase with Optimus Prime and the rest of characters in my heart. It eventually stops and I become a normal fan who is just in love with the character, will accept that other people love them too, and ignore things like shipping if I don’t like it. But sadly, the struggle is that I still get stereotyped as a crazy delusional rabid person occasionally.

When this happens, I usually block the person or confront them to explain the misunderstanding. Even if you’re a normal fangirl of something, people will view you as someone who doesn’t have a very open mind about the character. It’s not that I don’t have an open mind, there’s just a case when, something happens to that character, I think that it shouldn’t have happened, and then I explain why.

If I feel like confronting them, I try to explain that I no longer behave like someone who treats that character; be it the Didact, Optimus Prime, etc. as my personal property. I have outgrown that behavior and hopefully for good this time. But it really hurts when the person refuses to understand that and continues to generalize you as someone who is delusional, close-minded, and seeking attention. I am definitely not someone who is like that. Some people just don’t want to bother to get to know a female fan better to realize that they are not as crazy as they seem.

Society is developed to believe that the term “fangirl” automatically means that the person hogs the character and has views on him/her that aren’t expressed with good reason, which is very disappointing.

If you got to know me through Halo, yes you’ll discover I love the Didact a lot (and that’s the cue for the fangirl part), but if you give me a chance, you’ll realize there’s so much more to my life than just him. I have a few friends on other social media who like him the same way I do and we share that passion. You’ll also learn that I love music, I enjoy swimming, singing, concerts, traveling, and there’s lots of other fictional characters I admire BUT……..I am willing to be normal about it, share them with others, and share my thoughts about them with reason behind why I believe that.

So I’m getting really tired of people viewing fangirls in a certain universe as always crazy who hog characters all to themselves. Not all fangirls are like that. A lot of them have outgrown that behavior and love their favourite characters like a “normal” fan does. Everyone has their own views on their favourite character and a lot of fangirls actually do recognize that they must share that character with other people.

It needs to stop. People like me don’t deserve to be stabbed in the back just because of such stereotypes.


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