These Dreams Give You Wings

I feel like my brain has been wired to remember the way I want to fly in my dreams when given the opportunity.

One of my alter egos that I have created in my mind is the Dragon Master. I feel like my brain knows that that is how I want to fly: dragon wings. However, I will take a jet pack as well, or a starship too.

But most of the time, when I fly in my dreams, it feels so good to be free, it happens as if I am taking power to transform from a necklace I wear, spin around, then I run until I can kick my feet off the ground, and take off like an airplane. It doesn’t always work but when it does, I feel like I’m smiling in my sleep.

The powers like fire breathing don’t really come, but just thinking about it reminds me of a joke that one of my EAs from high school made with me. He knew I liked dragons so he would joke about me being a dragon that tries to burn him to cinders.

I have many different alter egos in my imagination; Dragon Master, Jedi Knight, Sangheili Supreme Commander, the Emi-Didact, you name it. I may also consider making an entry for my DM alter ego as well.

In one of those dreams, I remember I was trying to run away from something, and then just like from those stories, I touched something around my neck, spun around, sprouted wings and then I ran until I could kick my feet off the ground and fly. I was really high one time almost above all the clouds. Sometimes you go really high or not high at all; but the higher I was, the happier I felt.

That’s why I always look forward to those kinds of dreams, I wish I could fly in real life and just escape when I feel the need to. Who else feels that way?


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