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Star Wars the Clone Wars Season by Season

Koh-toh-yah! (and WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

I have spent the majority of my summer finally pursuing this series and I gotta say that every moment of it is truly awesome. I started watching a few months after finishing Transformers Prime. In this entry, I’ll give you little thoughts of what I liked about each season and the best moments.

Season 1

Rising Malevolence

For an interesting start, many people get the idea that the first season is meant to attract a younger audience. Some people claim it to be childish and not as exciting but I refute that. Season 1 does have some exciting moments that I think were well put together and adding the Malevolence was a good way to do it. If you like General Grievous, then prepare to see him a lot in this season as he devastates Plo Koon’s fleet, nearly destroys a medical facility and takes on Ahsoka Tano for a change before he retreats to his lair to almost be dismantled by Kit Fisto.

Cool right? For supporters of the Kaleesh yes definitely. I am grateful that this season introduced me to Plo Koon and Kit Fisto, otherwise, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with them both. I never really had any crushes in the Star Wars universe that were romantic ones until now. It’s also great to see a bit of comic relief like the way battle droids talk, so I don’t see why that makes this season bad, I mean come on we all need to add some funny stuff to the plot a little. I think this season is good but misunderstood.

Season 2

Cad Bane

Since we closed off season 1 with Cad Bane, I was expecting him to have a bigger role in this season, but turns out I was mistaken. He was only in for the first few episodes following his debut and I was expecting full-on bounty hunters throughout the season; however, we have to give some love to the other bounty hunters out there. I definitely enjoyed the battle on Geonosis especially when Luminara Unduli is captured by zombies and brought before their queen.

Things get darker by the time you start this season and I think that was their intention since during the first season an older audience was watching. Like Barriss gets brainwashed, Ahsoka chases a thief through the city to get her lightsaber back, and of course, how could we not forget about the release of the Zillo beast that Selbulba’s people were trying to kill? I honestly thought it was going to look more vicious but it was sad when it finally died. The finale is a great foreshadowing event when we meet Boba Fett who’s still a kid. But of all the bounty hunters, I think Aurra Sing grinds my gears just as much as Cad Bane did, so it was nice to see Plo Koon totally own her!

Season 3

This season doesn’t start off very strong and remains that way for most of it, except for the attack Ventress and Grievous made on Kamino. Then we got a lot of diplomatic episodes after that. I like Padme and Duchess Satine. They are both somewhat part of royalty and politicians but they are able to defend themselves. However, during all those episodes on political problems, I kept wondering when we would see some exciting stuff again. It wasn’t until the 12th episode “Nightsisters” that my wish was granted. Who would have thought that even witches existed in this galaxy far far away? Ventress being one of them, after Dooku betrays her, and recruits Savage Opress who is said to be the brother of Darth Maul.

After a series of betrayals, Savage is on his own. Another epic moment is when Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan are stranded on Mortis and meet three god-like figures that keep things in balance. Anakin’s destiny much? A lot of foreshadowing? Oh yeah, there’s a lot there.

Then there was the Citadel which is some kind of maximum security prison the CIS has. Why was I not surprised when Ahsoka secretly joined in being smuggled into the place after some advice from her old friend Plo Koon? The whole time I was on the edge of my seat wondering if they would ever escape, and when the Republic fleet arrives to breach the Citadel, that was it. Plo Koon to the rescue!

Season 4

This season started off strong but it had its ups and downs. The whole underwater civil war was totally epic, and holy crap….I got to see Kit Fisto SHIRTLESS! (yes the caps were completely necessary) I nearly melted. After the water wars, I think it’s safe to say how impatient Grievous got with Jar Jar.

I was really hoping for some more action regarding the events when Adi Gallia was captured, but instead, I got C3-PO and R2-D2 stranded from one planet to another. Not saying I hate those two, I was just expecting something different. How does that end? Plo Koon comes in to save everyone! Yay!

I kind of felt that the events on Umbara went on for a while but I couldn’t trust Krell the moment I saw him. However, he was a badass and would be more of one if he wasn’t such a douche. Slavery isn’t exciting for me until once again Plo Koon comes in to save everyone. YAY AGAIN! Master Plo, can you save me next? I think the all-time best part of this season was when Grievous leads an army to destroy the Nightsisters, takes on Ventress, and then kills what looks like the witch that keeps Mother Tazlin in her physical form. Wasn’t expecting the season to end off the way it did but oh God, Darth Maul is back!

Season 5

Sometimes I feel like this season went by quicker than the previous ones so far. I didn’t get turned on to the events until the part when Ahsoka takes those younglings for The Gathering; a rite of passage every Jedi must make by finding a crystal to build their own lightsaber. I like the idea of your crystal only appearing when you learn a life lesson on what to have: courage, hope, patience, selflessness, confidence, trust, etc. Kind of reminds me of the Doom Dimension episodes in the Bakugan anime. I kept hoping the Younglings would be alright and that set of episodes had a great ending to see Ahsoka have another showdown with General Grievous. This time she was more prepared for him. You go girl!

Now, I wasn’t really enjoying the episodes after what happened on Florrum, but I knew things were about to get darker when Savage Opress and Darth Maul returned for more. I’ll admit that watching Darth Maul kill Duchess Satine in front of Obi-Wan and she dies in his arms brings me tears. It shows you that the Jedi cannot avoid having feelings of love even if they hide it. Then Sidious shows up, kills Savage and who knows what he’s got in store for Maul now.

When Ahsoka was accused of the bombing and murders, if I was her, I would have not run away but then again, running can sometimes help you prove your innocence, but not always. When Anakin found out that the real culprit was Barriss Offee, (and we haven’t seen her since season 2) I hoped all would be well, but Ahsoka chose not to accept reinstatement into the Jedi Order and left. So disappointing. Anakin was devastated and I also wonder how Plo Koon feels about this since he’s an old friend of hers after all.

Season 6

 This season didn’t seem as exciting to me at first. At first, I felt like the remaining plots to come wouldn’t be the same without Ahsoka. There were some times when I was wondering when we would get back to the good stuff, but after a while, it eventually caught on. It consisted of lots of foreshadowing and I’m surprised how quickly Anakin could cover up his feelings for Ahsoka’s departure.

But we get to learn a little more about the way the clones are programmed leading to Order 66, more about Sifo Dyas, and the path one must take to learn the secrets of the Force. To be completely honest here, the only part of this season that I thought was interesting, was when Yoda hears the voice of Qui-Gon and goes on his journey to find the source of the voice, then to where the origin of the force is to learn its deepest secrets, and then to unravel the greatest mystery kept from the order….which most of us already know.

But from how it ended, it seems that he found out nothing from facing Sidious in an illusion, but was still able to return and say that no matter what happens next, there will be a new hope. See, even the Grand Jedi Master has his own troubles to face.

I’m glad I finished this series before school started. I have to say in summary that;

Season 1 = Grievous or Dooku showdowns that result in choosing sides
Season 2 = Bounty hunters galore
Season 3 and 4 = diplomatic conflict, Anakin slowly approaching the dark side, and turmoil in the Sith
Season 5 = More character development for Ahsoka
Season 6 = The filling of plot holes from the prequel trilogy and foreshadowing.

Do I have a favourite season? I think they were all great and had their moments where I was like “Yeah this is awesome,” while others had me like “Meh….this isn’t so exciting,”

But this series definitely gets an A+ in my books, and I recommend it to Star Wars fans who haven’t been turned on by the prequel trilogy yet, mainly because if you don’t like the fact that the other Jedi you see in the movies like Plo Koon, you have barely got to know…..then watch this series. You’ll fall in love with characters like him after watching.

It took me almost a month to write this and it’s finally done so enjoy it and may the force be with you.


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