Discrimination in Fan-Made Websites

When someone makes a website or social media page dedicated to a band or universe it’s always exciting to see what they post, especially if their stuff is really good.

But, it creates a problem when their large following consists of mostly girls.

It’s flattering if a fan site re-posts pictures of female fans to do something like featured fan of the week or Woman Crush Wednesday. But the problem that seems to arise is that if you submit your picture, what are your chances of being picked? As far as what I’ve seen from any websites that do this, sites like this may claim that they believe that ALL female fans are beautiful, but in reality the ones that they prioritize when it comes to sharing your picture on their website is they pick the fans that are the closest to the stereotypical form of “beautiful”.

You you what I’m talking about eh?

I’ve ranted about this before and I’m not asking you ladies to cover up. It’s your choice on what you wear. The reality is that we need to teach men how to behave themselves no matter what we choose to do.

I don’t want to be too specific with what fan sites do this sort of thing with re-posting female fans every Wednesday for WCW because, I don’t want to be too insulting in these rants, especially if the ladies won’t like this opinion of mine.

These fan sites can cover up their discrimination by saying that they do not only pick natural sex bombs and believe that all fans are beautiful, but you can still look through the area of pictures and find that most of the girls that are chosen first on a weekly basis have the following:

1. long hair (boob or waist length)
2. makeup (sometimes heavy)
3. revealing clothes (midriff, cleavage, etc.) or band shirts that are altered to become more feminine because they were originally baggy for men to wear.

If you don’t have any of these things, be prepared to wait weeks to months until your picture gets featured. Or the other situation that can make you wait for a while, is that let’s just say that someone’s picture has a different form of sex appeal in it; they’re not wearing anything revealing but their hair flows and they’ve posed in some sexy way…..whatever kind of pose it is. It doesn’t have to be something REALLY obvious like grabbing your boobs or whatever, and your selfie does not have any suggestive pose in it. Compare a normal selfie that one girl takes to one of another girl where she takes a full body selfie in a band shirt with a mini skirt and she’s standing in a fashion model pose. Which one of these do you think will be picked first for something like fan of the week or WCW?

But, if you have all or one or two of the things I listed, or you have posed in a sexual way without all of those things, BOOM…..your picture is automatically re-posted to the fan website.

And yet….through it all, these fans sites continue to cover up their discrimination through kindness stating that they think all female fans are beautiful. Regardless, I refuse to believe that until you…….I don’t know, repost MY picture of myself where I’m wearing no makeup, am wearing a band shirt that has not been altered at all, and am not posing in a sexual way.

It’s not that I hate my body, in fact I love it, I’m happy with the way it is, but I prefer to only share it with that special someone and can trust him. Or better yet, be accepted for who I am that I prefer to sometimes dress like a tomboy more than I wear something really girlie and sexy.

But sadly, if the franchise or band has hidden sexual messages in their songs, episodes, or whatever, it seems you won’t be chosen if you’re not willing to show off your sexuality.

Sex may sell or attract more attention but how does it appeal to those who aren’t interested in showing off that part of them?

This needs to stop.


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