The Nautolan and the Kel Dor

As I settle into my college workload after a whole year off I find my stress level rising. I got home late yesterday from that tutorial and thank the Mantle it’s not mandatory every week.

Still, I’m tired as hell, so I wrote this quickly last night for today since Tuesday is really busy. I finally have ordered some action figure stands because my little General Grievous just won’t stand up sometimes, (I came home from the Labor Day weekend to find him lying at the foot of my dresser, poor guy, but he’s in one piece; that’s the LAST time I want him falling from there) and that’s not all. These two handsome Jedi Masters will be coming home too:

 I literally fell in love with Plo Koon and Kit Fisto last month and I have to tell you, they may be just random things thrown in that don’t even talk once you see the movies, but as soon as you get to know them via the clone wars series, you’ll LOVE them. They both have the ideal personalities I look for when it comes to falling for aliens.

Plo: justice, compassion, kindness, and that deep voice of his is just worth melting over.
Kit: cheerful, laid-back, humorous, and he has an adorable smile.

So they’re both coming home in probably two or three weeks to make sure Grievous doesn’t team up with Megatron, Makuta and the Didact to wreak havoc in my room when I’m not there!

So yeah, now I feel like Plo, Kit, and the rest of the Jedi that have much bigger roles in TCW….they are great characters that have sudden deaths that leave you scarred. At first when you watch Kit get killed by Palpatine and Plo gets shot out of the sky by his own clones you’re like “Oh some random Jedi died…..well whatever,” but once you get to know them in TCW, your reaction to their deaths in ROTS changes to “Noooo!!!! Why? Why? WHY!??! He’s an awesome character!”

Grievous showed up in a parcel tinier than I thought when he arrived so Plo and Kit may be the same, but for now, let’s have some patience and focus on school. They’ll get here when they get here right?


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