Meliora Album Review

I’ve been waiting for Ghost’s new album all summer and it finally came near the end. I have to say that a Nameless Ghoul was serious about when they said they wanted the move towards a heavy sound with this album. There’s still some vocally driven parts here and there but not as much last time. But so far, I like it.

Spirit, the first track is like a jump right into song. The last two albums had instrumental intros, with or without vocals in the background, and those were usually only a minute long, but this time we get those in the middle of the album rather than the beginning. Spirit delivers off a more intense and sinister intro for us, and so far the beat and melody is intriguing. It turns you on right away.

From the Pinnacle to the Pit I listened to as it was a track leaked before release. It’s one of the heaviest tracks in my opinion; the beat, the opening bass solo and just the riff in general. The beat during the bridge is my favourite part.

Cirice by far is still one of the best tracks on the album, I think they made the right choice to release it as a single first because I couldn’t stop listening to it when it came out. I was even singing it a lot. The melody and vocals just had everything I expected from Ghost’s heavy direction this album was going to take. Honestly, it was something new and for some reason the first new one always sounds great.

Spoksonat is our instrumental track that would have been at the beginning of the album if the band decided they wanted to do that again. But after listening to it, I realized it was fine right where it was. I think it provides a clue as to what comes after it. We take a turn for something a little softer and this is almost like a transition track to that sound. From heavy to easy listening almost.

He Is, is a sweet ballad that is worth singing along to. I haven’t mastered the lyrics yet, but if I did see Ghost this year I would have sang it. It’s a beautiful track, but I don’t think any fans see it as something like “What is this doing here?” instead we all ended up enjoying it and getting a nice relaxing feeling from Papa’s voice.

I think that Mummy Dust is the most dark and sinister track on the album. The whispers and the melody make that perfectly clear. For some reason the words mummy and dust remind me of when the Queen is looking up the ingredients for her old hag disguise in the original Snow White movie but it’s still a scary track I’ll admit. In god we trust….mummy dust.

Majesty was also a leaked track, I didn’t like it at first but after a few more listens, it grew on me. It’s heavy that’s for sure; maybe not as heavy as FTPTTP but still heavy in a way. There’s not much to say really, but I like it now.

I think that Devil Church is a good instrumental, it could have also been an opening track that I like more than the other one. It’s sinister as hell that’s for sure and to be honest, I wish that it was longer and had lyrics, because it was really good. Ever liked a melody but it was too short? Reminds me of the opening part for the last track on Kamelot’s Silverthorn album, only the first part that was a minute long was good.

Now the last two tracks didn’t appeal to me that much, but Absolution proved to be quite solid. I’m not sure why it’s not a track I love yet, but maybe I need to let it grow on me like Majesty. Some songs take longer than others.

While Deus In Absentia was decent, if I had to choose, I think I liked Absolution a wee bit more. Compared to the last album, Monstrance Clock was a way better track to end things off.

So this album has its ups and downs in my opinion, it’s still pretty good, even if it isn’t perfect. It has it’s good moments though and those moments I love. So I’m giving this album a B.

Sad that I’m skipping Ghost this year as they roll into Toronto in a few weeks, but at least I am enjoying their new music and that new bling bling I got of them last week.


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