Games I’ve Put on Hold but Never Completed

Have you ever started playing a video game, got stuck at a certain point, stopped playing for a long period time, and completely forgot about them? Been there done that, and in fact there’s a quite a few games that I want to complete but still haven’t bothered to do so.

1. The Spyro PS1 series:
I used to watch my brother play these for hours when we were kids. Never started pursuing it myself until much later. Then we got new TVs and hooked up the PS1 over the summer this year. I delayed on defeating Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, and the Sorceress until now. If I actually had the time to play video games, then I would boot these three up and complete them one by one, maybe collect all the gems and other things too.
2. Alien Isolation:
I actually bought this game earlier this year and I still haven’t completed it. I’ve never been much of a person who sneaks around. I’m a better sniper but not with this sort of stealth. First there was aggressive humans in a lobby, androids all over Comms, and now sneaking past the Alien in the med bay. The Alien will always be the hardest. I haven’t even started this level in the game but I know the Alien is going to be there. So why on earth am I reluctant? Probably because I am always used to killing something that is a threat. Not this time. You can’t kill the Alien.
3. F.E.A.R

I think what made me pick up this game in the first place was the fact that I liked how suspenseful it was. You’re on your own all the time and there’s always going to be something that gets your heart racing. You see brief flashes of dead guys splattered with blood, hallucinations of blood in a hospital and Alma Wade. There’s still much I don’t know. I got more than halfway through this game before I suddenly stopped. The game’s music is eerie as hell, you need to have fast reflexes and it requires more tactics. The furthest I got was to this worn down building and a robot came towards me shooting lasers. Explosives are the only things that can kill them and I encountered ones earlier in the game that shot rockets. Apparently there’s a sniper rifle in this game that destroys outer flesh, leaving only the skeleton behind.

So, those are the three games that I feel that I’ve had on hold forever, what are yours?


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