Flying Musical Dreams

I have talked about how much I love having dreams where I can fly. But some of them stand out more.
Like for instance if I dream where I’m flying really high, fast and/or doing tricks in the sky then those are the ones I remember and often write about.

Last night I had another dream where I was gazing out the window and stepped outside. It was sunny out and I felt something sprout of my back. I knew it was those dragon wings I got every time I fly. I walked out onto the road and began to run as if the road was my runway. The wings on my back began to spread and flap. I kept running until I could kick my feet off the ground. I flew upward right away.
I feel like the higher I soar, the better. As I began to ascend, suddenly I heard the song Carolus Rex by Sabaton playing all around me. I flew faster, higher, and began to sing the lyrics. I soared above the clouds the moment I reached the song’s chorus and there I started flying in loops, curves, spirals and other fancy air tricks as if I was flying in one of those airshows.
I finished it off by singing the final chorus by zooming upward while spinning and then looping back down towards the clouds. I felt like I never wanted to come back to the ground after that.
I still wonder why I dream a lot of flying but after doing a bit of research, I think I know what it means. 
“Ability to break free from Earthly woes and from things that bring you down and make you feel heavy. Your ability to soar to new heights and reach a higher level in life than where you are now. Can be a pat on the back from your subconscious for doing a good job.”
I retrieved this from a dream meaning website and now that I think of it, I feel like I have a lot of things in life that make me feel down and heavy, especially at a critical stage in my life now that I’m back in school. When I took a year off after finishing my last college program, I was going through a tough time finding another job and now that I’m back in college I feel like I’m grounded by the amount of work I have to do in my program…even if it is stuff that I have learned before. But when I go to sleep and soar in my dreams, I feel free like there’s nothing I have to worry about. Perhaps the reason why these dreams are so frequent, is because of how anxious I can get about things in real life, and when I dream I forget that they’re there. 
But regardless, I love soaring in my dreams anyway. As for the addition of that Sabaton song, I guess I like the concept that it adds to the dream. It’s a song about being a ruler and rising above others, but I will not speak more of it until I decide to choose it as the featured song of the week, whenever I decide.
I’ve had another long difficult day today so I’m hoping to retire early and hopefully soar once again.

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