Everyday Cosplay

I was never one for doing a lot of cosplaying, but I have made the goal of adding it to my bucket list.

I don’t have a lot of time to make anything really complex, but who says you can’t make just something simple with the clothes you already have, or buying from sci-fi themed stores? That’s why I love clothing lines like Her Universe created by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano. However, some of the stuff I wanna buy there is out of my budget at the moment so you have to get creative.

On Wednesday it’s my lab class and they want us to wear lab coats. I keep mine in my locker and travel to the campus on my own since I don’t have to be there until midday.

I’ve had a fantasy of being a Jedi since I was a child and for years I’ve tried to picture what I’d wear. So far, most of the clothes I’ve seen them wear don’t look like my style. Brown and dirty light brown just don’t suit me and that’s what most of them wore. Only a few of them like Ahsoka wore cooler stuff.

Oh, and who says that wearing black means you’ll turn to the dark side? Luke wore black in episode VI and he never turned evil! So…..

Two pics of what I wore on Wednesday. The belt is kind of loose but I like it anyway, I don’t remember where I got this dress, my black boots also matched it, and the necklace is the Jedi Order logo which I found on Etsy. It’s homemade too but it’s not like sterling silver or anything. The first picture on the left is a pose inspired by yours truly, Plo Koon; since I’ve seen quite a few pictures of him standing with his hands folded like that. Although many of the Jedi Masters may do it as well, Master Plo still does it best.

Could this count as a simple cosplay? Sure, why not? Sometimes a simple cosplay like this, that isn’t a full on costume, you can get away with wearing in public whether it’s school or out with friends and family. In fact I saw a dress of Councilor Deanna Troi’s outfit on Her Universe and it just looks like a regular dress. There needs to be more clothes like this worn by women in this world.

If it’s too revealing for you, or you can’t find what you’re looking for then make your own! I’ve always wanted a Jedi-robe style dress but it’s likely that doesn’t exist yet, or it’s not in my preferred colour if it does.

Now all that’s missing is a lightsaber. You can get them, I know my brother used to have a red one but it was thick and more meant for kids. Now you can get lightsabers that are thinner, look more like the real thing, and meant for nerdy people my age and older who like to play dress up for their own pleasure or for conventions. There’s custom websites were you can make them or buy one already done, but they cost a fortune and who knows what my family’ll think when it arrives in a large package. They’d be like, “Oh no, Emily’s going through another Star Wars obsession phase!” (since I’ve already gone through two in my life at age 6 and 12)

Perhaps I will get a lightsaber at some point, even if I just use it to play pretend when no one’s around…and trust me. You are NEVER too old to do that! I don’t care what anyone says, I still enjoy dressing up to be something I wish I could be, and being a Jedi tops that list of things I pretend to be.


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