Partying to Win

I’ve always been a Nintendo gamer aside from Xbox. There was a time where I actually did care more about winning at one point.
When I was 11 or 13 I was addicted to the Mario Party series. 
 I was first introduced to them when I played the 5th version at a friend’s cottage. I actually found the board gameplay plus tons of minigames to play after each round, which is randomized to be really fun.

 I bought the 5th edition of the series after returning home. As soon as I started playing, I got really into it and pissed if I was losing…even to CPUs. Like, for instance, I got mad whenever a CPU used a capsule and swapped places with me on the board when I was a few spaces away from obtaining the Star, (vital if you want to win the game) and there have been many other similar incidents like this.
I guess it’s just the whole concept of that the gameplay is often unpredictable. You could be the closest to the objective you need to take the lead but you suddenly land on a space during your next turn that warps you all the way back to the start point. The bots can even turn the tide on you even if you have them set to the lowest difficulty. That’s why you could sometimes lose the overall game, even if you started off with an advantage. 
It’s not about skill. It’s about luck. All part of the challenge right? 
A few years later I got the 7th game but cheated a little to ensure I would always win which was set the handicap so I would have 9 stars at the beginning of the game. That way I would win no matter what, even if one of my opponents managed to get a few stars, or take some of mine in a one on one minigame, buy one of my windmills containing stars or whatever. 
Now if I were to pick up those games again, I wouldn’t cheat like that anymore because I don’t care about winning now. 
But seriously, there were some times in these games where I had a LOT of bad luck. Like the time I played the card party, available in Bonus Mode in the 5th game. I would make a beeline for the star cards and sometimes I would find that the first one was a Ztar star (which subtracts your amount of stars by one, and if you have no stars, it goes to -1). Another time I turned over a star card, it looked like it was a real star but it suddenly transformed into a Ztar star. Plus whenever the bots got a Boo under an event card they would always end up stealing my star cards or if they had Ztar stars, the Boo would always take them and give them to me. 
The story modes I never got around to beating, but I liked the music used in the final battle of the 5th game. 
I took a long break from these games once I got into playing Xbox. But recently I bought the latest game of this series for my 3DS for the hell of it. It’s certainly different and not based on how many stars you have. I beat Bowser’s Tower and have tried all the game modes except for the one where you need other people to play. 
These aren’t games I play everyday, but what I like about them is that they provide a challenge that’s based on luck rather than skill. You’d expect this out of a classic board game too. 
Some of my favourite things in these games were the minigames, whatever Bowser had planned to crash the party (since he’s one of my favourite video game villains), and of course when I’m lucky and get the most stars!
I’m just glad I don’t lose it when an AI steals my stars or gets more than me!

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