It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

Good morning you puny little primitives, today’s going to be a busy day so I’d like to write about another dream I had last night.

Dreaming about flying isn’t the only common thing I get in my dreams, but I also dream about certain weather conditions. Come to think of it, I wanted to be a meteorologist at some point or go into earth or space related science but I changed my mind and chose health care.

Anyway, maybe the reason why I sometimes dream about the weather is because part of me still wishes I was smarter enough to pursue a career there.
When I was in 5th grade, I had this weird obsession with any natural disasters and dangerous weather. I don’t know why but I guess there’s nothing wrong with being interested in it…..unless you’re a survivor of one of those that wishes not to talk about it. Or who knows, you might want to learn more about it.

Before I get into the whole talk about what this dream was, there’s a little backstory to it all. In 5th grade we studied general weather topics, but never covered everything, especially when it came to extreme conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes. I don’t know why we never learned about tornadoes but I ended up developing an interest in them and started reading about them on my own time.

I wonder if seeing that scene in The Wizard of Oz. (and the twister in that movie looks like a single strand of spaghetti) it just caught on, and then I saw the movie Twister. It became one of my favourite movies during my elementary and middle school years.

Still, I guess there’s nothing wrong with finding some of the world’s natural, powerful and destructive forces to be interesting….as long as you’re safe from them.

One of the most interesting things I like about tornadoes is that, you don’t really know for sure what kind you’re going to get when it hits, how intense is it? Is it an F2 or an F4….even an F5?I think that the ones higher on the Fujita scale are rarer.

Also sometimes you might get a skinny spaghetti tornado like this:

Or you’ll get a big fat one like this:

To be honest I also always thought that the amount of destruction a tornado made was based on how wide it was as well.

When I was in middle school, for geography class, we were given a project on natural disasters, pick a type of extreme condition, describe it, and pick to disasters associated it with it. So I chose tornadoes obviously and picked two events related to them. One was one that hit Oklahoma on May 3 1999 and the other was one that hit Edmonton but I forget when it was.

It took me weeks to finish that project but I got a lot of help from my dad. The only part I remember doing about that project was making a PowerPoint introducing what tornadoes were, before moving on to the two disasters I had chosen.

Do I still have an interest in tornadoes? Actually yeah, I do. Twister still remains one of my favourite movies, and I have not read about tornadoes in a long time but now that I’m writing this, maybe I should get back into it. I may not have the knowledge level to go into weather work….and I don’t think I want to chase tornadoes either….but there’s nothing wrong with learning about some of the world’s powerful forces. Hey, I even like black holes from space and I am no where near smart enough to do a career related to space, but that doesn’t mean you can study this stuff for your own pleasure right? Right?

So, back to the dream topic since you’re impatient for it. I’ve had countless dreams about tornadoes as much as I have had dreams of flying. Sometimes those dreams would be a whole series of tornadoes like in The Day After Tomorrow. In fact, one of those dreams took place on the highway near the Ford factory in this town. The road was deserted but the wind was extremely strong. There were several tornadoes nearby. Some of them were skinny and some of them were fat and they were all on different levels of the scale. I was running down the empty road trying to find a place to take cover in.

The very first tornado dream I had was in 5th grade where there was only one. We were driving home at night and the wind picked up, the car suddenly flipped, I got out, and there it was coming right at me. I ran as fast as I could and couldn’t find a safe place. I woke up just before I got sucked up.

Last night was actually a combination of flying and tornadoes. I was in an airplane. Not a very big one but just a small one kind of like those bi-planes. As it took off, I think I started singing that song again….I swear I think from now on whenever I fly in my dreams, my brain is going to tell me to sing Carolus Rex. There was a tornado nearby beyond the forest and I was out in the meadow. I told the pilot to go the other way and we did, but it got closer and closer as we made our way to the dock. I got out and ran for the shed’s cellar.

So I believe there’s nothing wrong with having an interest in the nature’s forces. Just hope you’re not caught up in one of them! Surprisingly, I actually enjoy dreaming about storms, tornadoes, and stuff just as much as I enjoy dreaming of flying.


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