This Weapon is Your Life

Good evening peeps.

I sit here on my bed after a long day at school. Wrote a math test, did some studying for my next midterm (I might do a lot of studying on the weekend for it since it’s on Monday morning first thing, and no I am not a procrastinator) but remember when I said I was getting something big?

Well you’re in for a treat tonight! Late Tuesday night when I got home from the Tove Lo concert my mom and I went to, (I needed a night out anyway and she’s one of my new favourite pop artists, great show, danced and sang all night) I came back to my bedroom to find a nice long package lying on my bed. Well, I think this is better expressed in a picture of what it is:

My beautiful new toy. That’s right, I finally got a lightsaber, in fact I’ve been wanting one since I was little but I never spent my allowance on any of the guy-stuff I liked back then. Instead I would buy girlie shit. But seriously, whether you’re 6, 15, 25, 45, or 55+ if you’re a Star Wars fan, get a lightsaber and get it from Ultrasabers. That is where I got this baby.

I had seen many advertisements for Ultrasabers on almost every website I visited. Hell there have a few times when I’ve gone onto a few medical websites to do my homework and more ads of it were there. At first I was intrigued and finally got around to visiting the website to see what they had. This isn’t cheap plastic shit from Hasbro, this is the real deal! I spent my study breaks in the beginning of this month browsing options, reviews and what the company was like. You know, if you want something that you’ve wanted for years, but want it to last, be sure to get it from a place that has an excellent reputation and that’s just what Ultrasabers has. So after a long debate and looking at my financial situation, I decided to buy one of the standard editions with sound (and c’mon you gotta have sound because without that, it doesn’t feel like a lightsaber, it’s just another glowstick you can get anywhere), and a green blade. I’ve always wanted a green one.

Honestly, it looks so realistic and I love it.

So yesterday I took it out of the package, turned it on in the living room and swung it around for a few minutes before leaving for the train station to go to school. Both of my cats were in the living room and as soon as they heard the sound of it, they both freaked out and stared at me like “What on Earth is that?” One of my cats named Luke is known to freak out over every abnormal sound in the house. My other cat Mianna just doesn’t mind as much.

I managed to squeeze in the time to take that picture above but just one for now. When I get a chance to catch my breath from my college workload, I will definitely take more pictures of myself with it. I also definitely plan to go to Fan Expo next year as my SW OC now that I’ve got everything I need, and hey if I’m bored and feel like playing pretend when no one’s around, I’ll just take it out, swing it and take pictures with it. Just for the hell of it you know?

I think I’ll do a more extended review of my lightsaber in a later entry once I have a chance to take some more pictures.

For now, eat your hearts out.


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