Ultrasabers Standard Edition V3 Review

Koh toh yah everyone. You’re probably wondering why I’m so inactive the past two weeks, and the answer is midterms.

So as promised, since I did two midterms this week, I’ve got a moment to catch my breath until my last one for next week, you want my thoughts on my new lightsaber right?
Well I struggled to come up with a good review to write from what I’ve seen on the saber forum and suddenly it hit me when I was down in the basement taking pictures and making videos. I went back to my room and recorded the review instead without even thinking. So for a change:

I’m not really used to talking in front of the camera so forgive me for my repeat of words and mumbling, but some of the people on the saber forum thought that this video was cute. I’m really flattered that they liked it. This vid pretty much nails what I wanted to say about my lightsaber in text format.

And here is another vid of me fooling around in the basement with it.

As you can see it’s not as open as I thought it would be so I’m just doing basic deflects, or maybe my body’s moving more than the saber should! But I plan to do more vids of these in the future (I hope) so maybe that’ll be a good time to do a spinning technique and some other tricks without moving around too much myself, so we’ll see. This won’t be the last time I go into the basement or outside to make a video like this, I promise!

More pictures? Well….

Saber selfie
Starting stance
Everyone does this one at one point
This is supposed to be Luminara Unduli’s pose since she was my SW OC’s master after all
And the classic
I do not regret it, it was worth every penny. Looks like I’m all set for Halloween, Fan Expo and other conventions in my neck of the woods, and of course playing pretend when no one’s home except me!
So now that I’m starting to become active again, do expect some vids of me being all Jedi with my new lightsaber on YouTube or wherever you follow me when I get the time of course, and I have a few rants and reviews planned here.

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