Revisiting the Clone Wars

I didn’t get a chance to share this with all you sentient and primitive beings in the galaxy when I originally planned to because of how busy I’ve been, but I think I better strike it out now.

You know that feeling when you binge watch a micro-series that has been recommended to you? Then you can’t sleep afterwards? It’s pretty common now. One night I spent two hours watching the entire series of Star Wars the Clone Wars but the 2003 animated version this time.

Unlike the 2008 CGI series which took me the entire summer to get through (with no regrets) this series is more like a summary of all the events that happen between episode II and III, without Anakin having a Padawan.
So far that’s the only thing I’ve noticed that is different. We get to see some things I’ve always wanted to see such as the ritual that occurs when a Padawan is knighted after passing the trials. I never added that when I was in the middle of writing my story of my SW OC Emi Takori’s secret bond, and mission with Plo Koon before I knew about that. Perhaps I should rewrite that part so her knighting ceremony is more accurate to the lore.

So how am I going to start this off? Well, pretty much all the characters are the same as they were. Anakin is handsome, reckless and powerful. When I first saw Asajj Ventress, it shows how she came into being trained by Dooku. Barriss never did any bombing of the temple, instead she and her master stay together. Many differences yes, but nothing too unexpected.

My favourite moments:

Once again, I had the joy of melting over seeing Kit Fisto half naked and swimming underwater on Mon Calamari destroying CIS forces. It all ends with a big explosion and he smiles. It’s badass how he can create bubbles with the force and throw them at machines like that. He doesn’t even talk in this part, but he’s still my badass sexy Nautolan, just the way he is. A fast swimmer indeed and ending it off with him smiling is melt-worthy for anyone who loves him!

Ventress made a great debut when she came before Dooku for training, but there was a big turn of the tide when she is given a mission to kill Anakin. He diverts his attention to chasing her instead of the space battle he is currently in. The battle intensifies from Muunilinist to Yavin 4, until he finally defeats her on top of the ruins with his anger. Just like in the 2008 series, you can tell that he takes a step closer to the dark side.

I always look forward to seeing Grievous and somehow I just knew when he was coming. His badassery level goes off the charts in this mico-series where he takes on a whole group of Jedi all at once, kills most of them, except Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura and Shaak Tii before he escapes. Who would have thought he’d be able to spin his torso and use one of the lightsabers with his feet? Now I’m suddenly wishing he did more of these moves in the CGI series and the movie. Why this wasn’t implemented? Is it hard to shoot? Most likely. Things are sometimes so much easier in classic animation.

Never thought I’d look at Saesee Tiin and think that he looks like an Iktotchi version of Darth Vader. Even though this part was just as short as the amount of time Kit Fisto had to shine, it was still really awesome to see him go into space as part of the battle over Courascant. He’s always been known to be a great pilot. His role is slightly bigger in this series than it was in the 2008 series I’d say. From what I’ve read in the lore, Master Tiin is supposed to be very hard-headed and reclusive as in a bit of a lone wolf and very stern. But in the 2008 series you don’t really see him act like that and not in this series either. But I kind of had a hint that his personality would be like that because of the look on his face that he has all the time. It was so cool how he goes into space leading the clones instead of leading them in his starfighter. Knowing Tiin, he’s always been someone to do space battles more than on the ground.

Photo credit: IGN.com
 With Grievous back for the second part of the series, things start to fast forward where he launches a full scale assault on Courascant, where the events of ROTS come into place. I like how it shows what takes place on the ground as well as in space. Come on, how else would have Grievous kidnapped Palpatine? He infiltrates the Senate building and several Jedi are protecting him. For a moment I thought Shaak Tii was going to die when she stays behind to fight off a dozen Magnaguards but she never did. Then Grievous kills all the Jedi except her. Damn Shaak Tii, you have two great tales to tell me later! But as he takes Palpatine captive, now I know how he got that cough. Mace Windu crushed his chest plate hard. 
I don’t know why, but I was not greatly turned on by the task Anakin was given for the second half of this series, which takes place three years later after his promotion. But I have to admit it was pretty badass of him to go full on ballistic to fufill part of his destiny. It was almost like his true trial of knighthood, since his promotion was more of an urgent matter, rather than something that had been earned. The people on that planet are freaky as hell, especially their elder who tells the prophecy of what Anakin must set out on.
It’s as if I liked the side stories more than the main one. But it’s a great micro-series that I would definitely watch again. Too bad Plo Koon; my other favourite Jedi besides Kit Fisto, has no part in it. 
I still like the 2008 CGI series just as much as I like this series so I’d say it’s a tie. If you haven’t seen this series yet, you have to watch it, it’s worth your time, trust me.

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