How Jul Mdama Should Have Died

No one likes it when a character they like is killed off, especially if it’s a death that is so abrupt at a bad time. I can definitely say that for Jul Mdama.

His death in Halo 5 was truly complete garbage, and only done the way it was just to show us how “badass” Osiris was, as if they intend to replace Master Chief one day with them. I do not particularly like Osiris, with an exception of Vale. But Jul Mdama was starting to grow on me, and then he gets killed off so quickly at the start of the game no less. I cannot describe to you how disappointing that was along with the other things Halo 5’s story disappointed me.

If they were going to kill off Jul, it should have been done at an appropriate time. His absence for the remainder of the game left the Covenant Remnant rather disorganized. When there’s an evil faction going around, I like it when the leader is saved for last. It’s just epic and makes it more exciting.

Those of you who say that killing off the leader first puts them on the run and they zero in on the remaining as they try to pick themselves back up, I see where you’re coming from, but I still stand by my words. Jul Mdama deserved a better death.

So how should it have happened? Did I ever tell you how I thought the battle of Sunaion went by too quickly? The only thing I liked about the mission there was the environment. Very alien-ish.

Picture this. Osiris is looking to retrieve Halsey, but the moment they reach her, Jul Mdama betrays Dr. Halsey and escapes just as Osiris arrives to save her.

Osiris travels to Sanghelios after the encounters on Meridian in hopes of catching a ride on the Guardian to follow Chief and Blue Team. With Swords of Sanghelios led by the Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam still at civil war with Jul Mdama and his Covenant Remnant, Osiris agrees to assist the Arbiter in putting an end to the Covenant Remnant once and for all.

The battle rages on and eventually, due to the overwhelmed forces of Covenant Remnant being annihilated, Jul Mdama retreats to Sunaion, with his remaining forces near where the Guardian is located. After Osiris and Swords of Sanghelios manage to defeat most of the forces, they make plans to strike at the heart of Jul Mdama’s last stand of his faction by launching an attack on Sunaion.

Thel Vadam promises that Jul will die by his hands, and will do whatever it takes to make sure Osiris makes it to the Guardian. He fights alongside of Osiris through the city until they reach an open space where Jul Mdama is guarded by four Ultra Elites. (this is originally where Warden Eternal and his Prometheans would have shown up). Jul ignites his energy sword and challenges Thel while Osiris eliminates his bodyguards.

After an epic duel, Jul wounds Thel, knocking him to the ground, but before he can deliver the final blow, Thel grabs his sword and stabs him in the heart. He rises injured but victorious and Osiris proceeds to the Guardian.

Thel and the rest of Swords of Sanghelios raise their swords in triumph. Just like the way it originally was.

Brothers to the end

And there you have it, a pretty straightforward way for an antagonist to die, but way better than the sudden death he was given. Having him die by the Arbiter’s hands on the battle of Sunaion just adds a little improvement to how disappointing the story was.

Like I said, I found it absolute trash to kill off Jul Mdama at the very beginning of the game, it just doesn’t feel right. It would have made the battles on Sanghelios more intense if they still had him leading them. There’s nothing more epic than that last stand where Osiris and Thel confront him one last time, and it should be Thel who kills him because he has been his sworn enemy, it also gives him more role in this game. I feel like Thel had almost no role at all in this game to be honest, so having him kill Jul at the battle of Sunaion, would have been perfect.

Anyone here agree with me? Do you think this is how Jul Mdama should have died instead?


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