To Dress or Not to Dress?

I am in the middle of a fashion crisis, and usually that never happens. But when I see clothes that have sci-fi or heavy metal designs on it, I can’t resist.
Thank you Ashley Eckstein of Heruniverse.com for getting me hooked, now I’m tempted to get two things I love the most. (scratch that, three since one of them is two piece)

There’s this:
and this:
Well a girl’s gotta have options! I’ve been looking at that lightsaber skirt with that shirt for months, and that Hoth dress is adorable. But with winter coming, darker clothes just seem to be more common than light.
Another possibility could be if there’s a sale close to Christmas or boxing day OR someone is kind enough to get me a gift card for Ashley’s site, I would be mighty grateful. I need Star Wars fashion in my life and both of these outfits are my definition of fabulous. But which one to get first?

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