Backward Compatibility? Let’s Do This!

So I was just given an announcement this evening that we can finally play our 360 games on the Xbox One.

This spells a great deal for me since most of the games I got addicted to in the past are on that system. I still have my 360 but it hasn’t been used as much anymore except for Netflix.

But it now makes it so much easier just to have them all on one system. How many times have I played through the Mass Effect trilogy or considered finding all the hidden symbols in War for Cybertron? Countless times, that’s my answer.

Well looks like I have some games to revisit and perhaps even write about because I haven’t touched them in months with the hype of the new games I’ve been getting recently.

Only down side of this compatibility is it may not include our old Battlefront II game which was for the Xbox. I don’t really like the direction Battlefront III is going, so I do not think I plan to spend any money on it unfortunately. So I might have to get it on PC if I become desperate enough.

Time to relive a few glorious games that I played for countless hours!


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