Yearly Galaxy-Wide Wishes

Even though I may have not come up with anything I want for Christmas in a serious manner, there’s a dream list of things I want every year (but probably will never get) Want to know what they are, alright I’ll shoot:

  • World peace
  • End to all forms of pollution that results in the end of climate change
  • End to world hunger
  • License, keys, and ownership to a starship (just a little one, like those tiny little hover ships that Lilo and Stitch receive at the end of the movie, only this one will be able to fly) so it makes my commute to and from where I want to go, less stressful without having to deal with schedules, traffic and people to drive me.
  • The ability to do Jedi mind tricks, the force, and my lightsaber to be real
  • Feminine style Didact armor and combat skin (but not too sexy, I’m fine with it revealing a tiny bit of cleavage but not midriff)
  • Backstage passes to KISS, Lordi, Ghost, and pretty much all my favourite bands
  • End to society’s xenophobia over nerds and metalheads
  • The destruction of metalcore music (just kidding…….or maybe not)
  • Rock and Brews to open in Canada
  • KISS Kruise cabin and tickets
  • Matthew Wood to appear as a guest at next year’s Fan Expo (I’ve been waiting 10 years for that opportunity and almost went to a different con earlier this year that he was going to be at and missed my chance!)
  • To live on the planet Courascant
  • Diversity to return to Halo in every way
  • The Ur-Didact to be brought back in biological form and treated the way he should be treated.
  • Winning lottery tickets
  • Casual and competitive gamers to unite and respect one another and implement gender equality
Okay my imagination is carried away, I sound a bit greedy do I? But admit it, some of the things I’ve listed is something you’ve wanted for years, like the first one? Who doesn’t want their own little starship to get around in? 
As for the whole xenophobia thing, I have lived my entire life so far of feeling like people are avoiding me because I dare to be different, and walk around wearing band shirts and a necklace with General Grievous’s face. I will talk more about that later.
So enlighten me, what’s your dream list of things you want to have in life, be creative and use your imagination! I won’t judge.

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