Passing of the Fox

This months marks the anniversary of the death of one of the most beloved members of KISS:

Eric Carr died on November 24th 1991 from a rare form of heart cancer after a year-long battle against it. It is a real pity that he died two years before I was born.

I didn’t know much about him at first when I joined the KISS Army two years ago, but it didn’t take me long to find out who he was. He was an excellent drummer and one of the friendliest members ever.

It pleases me that Gene & Paul miss him greatly and many out there have recognized the importance he played in the past in KISS’s rise to super-stardom.

A few days ago, I came across something on Paul Stanley’s Twitter about the letter sent to Rolling Stone about how they refused to honor Eric’s legacy when he play hundreds of concerts in front of millions of fans, and played on albums that sold around eight million copies according to Paul.

I have lost all respect I had for Rolling Stone for the past year now. When they finally put KISS on their cover, they still tried to make them look bad, I don’t think I have much I can say on this but this was on Paul’s Twitter and Facebook:


I think this pretty much says it all. If I was in the profession of being the editor or writer for a magazine, I would have run an article anyway, regardless of personal taste. I hope Jann Wenner gets fired one day. Refusing to acknowledge the existence of a band that has clearly made millions then and now is more like an abuse of power.

Even so, Eric Carr will always be remembered by the band and his fans. I wish I could have been alive to witness what he brought to us, but I always have my favourite albums that he played on such as Creatures of the Night.
Rock in peace Eric, and to any magazines who continue to despise KISS for no constructive reasons, you can go to hell.
The KISS Army is millions strong and you’re no match for them.

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