Love, Kisses and Kel Dor Wishes

Today’s been a laid back kind of Saturday.

We put up our Christmas tree today, and I made up my list. I don’t want much this year, just two custom T-shirts, a tablet or iPad, and of course, the clothing from Her Universe I just ordered.

Prior to the release of The Force Awakens, I have started watching all six Star Wars movies in chronological order, tonight was The Phantom Menace. Sure parts of the dialogue are silly and then there’s Jar Jar (and to be honest, I still think the hatred fans have for him is immature and stupid), but it’s still a decent movie. The Pod-race and the action are the highlights.

Yep it’s an annual tradition of mine to go through the movies in order. I had my eyes on Plo Koon the whole time during the scenes with the Jedi Council. Too bad Kit Fisto doesn’t appear until the next movie. Whenever I see Plo nod his head silently in agreement, my heart melts. Why didn’t you speak?! I want to hear that deep voice!

I’m really tired as I write this, but Plo was sweet enough to come down from the shelf to say goodnight.

Isn’t he cute?

“May you have pleasant dreams, dear Emi.” that line of his was taken from one of my fanfics. I could use a little comfort from my favourite Kel Dor right now, since finals are coming up. I should start putting together a study plan for the week after since that’s when my first exam is. Then the rest of them will the week after that one.

Even though Plo Koon only appears briefly in the first movie, second and, third, he is still one of my favourite Jedi along with Kit Fisto once the Clone Wars gave more role and depth to them as characters. Now I can go to bed thinking about my sweet Kel Dor Jedi.
Love you Master Plo, and goodnight all.

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