Sci-Fi Fashion Overload!!!

I haven’t written all week, mainly because I’m starting to prep. for finals. I think I over-prepare myself a LOT when I don’t need to. I do know when I should stop, but still, I find myself doing too much sometimes.

My early Christmas presents arrived on Wednesday! That makes my week better than I thought it was going to be. Always nice to get a good deal on a Black Friday.

Remember Hoth, that’s another title this dress deserves. I love it and I didn’t think the colour would suit me, but it does. Once you see it, you’ll realize it’s more than just a pretty winter design! The AT-AT Walkers are my favourite part of this iconic battle in the original trilogy. I should wear this to a party next time my friends have one, or for any casual occasion. The colour of it just brings out my soft side for pretty things, like mountains, and snow (when I don’t hate the cold and wind chill!), then the battle of Hoth starts and the Rebels were no match for the Empire!
The skirt and shirt were sold separately. Apparently, the logo on the shirt glows in the dark. Well, this one I’m planning to wear to when I see The Force Awakens, so we’ll see if Ashley was right. I see lots of pictures of her wearing the skirt and shirt together and I fell in love with the outfit, so….yeah. It’s got a sci-fi rock n’ roll look to it and I should definitely take another picture wearing it but with my lightsaber! Or…are there already enough lightsabers?

The BB8 pin was a little freebie that came with my purchase and it’s a cute little thing. He’s no R2 but I am warming up to the little guy.

It was so sweet of Ashley to sign the card inside, so I’m keeping that. I’m wearing the pin as I write this and it seems at this moment, he is the droid I’m looking for.

My bank account is probably screaming at me to stop, but with Christmas coming that’s obviously difficult. I just want to get my shopping over with before it gets REALLY crazy.

There’s also resisting the desire to buy things in a new mobile game I’m playing which I will talk about later.

But I definitely do not regret these purchases and plan to buy from Her Universe again someday.


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