Multi-reading Problems

The digital novella I’ve been waiting for all year is finally being released on Monday, and I’m faced with the possibility of taking a break from what I’m currently reading to binge read this.

Rtas ‘Vadum has been one of my favourite Halo characters for years, and I was flattered about the number of people who liked my post on here about how I made an announcement of the novella’s cover and synopsis revealed.

I am currently reading through the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I’m on the 5th book. As I progress through this series, it gets harder to pick them up because things are moving at a slower pace. I’m just at the point of skimming instead of reading to find out when there will be less talking and more fighting or other excitement.

The first book was great, the second one too, the third was the best even if it took me all summer to read. The fourth one sucked, except for when Cersai was arrested, Arya begins her training, and Brienne meets Lady Stoneheart. 

Now I’m trying to progress through the fifth, and I feel like I’ve lost my motivation to pick this book up until something exciting happens. You could read page after page of conversation that draws on and on, until your brain tells you it’s not worth it. Then you begin to follow the plot less and less too.

Back when I was in middle school, this was a common problem. I would read my way through multiple novels at a time, plus reread my favourites as well. I think I read Charlotte’s Web over ten times, and the first four Jane Blonde books thrice.

Harry Potter was probably the first series that I actually sat down to read and follow as best as I could without distraction. I wish I could remember the different things that happened, but I read the series years ago. I find now that I’m older, I remember the books better when I read them for the first time or again.

After reading the first ASOIAF book, I took a break because I was desperate to start the Forerunner saga. At the same time I had Gone with the Wind on hold too. After finishing Silentium while on vacation, I binge read GWTW and learned what a spoiled and nasty bitch Scarlett really was.

So the question remains, should I take a break from A Dance with Dragons? The book drags on longer than I thought. It’s like the details of people, places, food and other things have been even more descriptive than they were two books ago. I like detail but to some extent. Plus I find myself missing reading Halo books that center around the parts of the lore that are important to me. So perhaps the answer is, put down that brick sized book for a bit and read Shadow of Intent. I have been wanting to read about Rtas for years after all.

Frankly I have a whole list of books I have yet to read as well, and a few to reread. I really enjoyed Transformers Exodus years ago and I want to pick it up again, I never finished TF Exiles, and there’s TF Retribution and David Ellefson’s autobio that have been on my shelf for almost two years and I have not read them. Hard isn’t it?

But unfortunately it’s what comes with the lesson I’ve learned; one book at a time, because reading multiple books at once makes you forget parts of the story that are key events to the plot or that you’re curious about. But I make a few exceptions from time to time, and this is another one of them.

Ever been faced with the same problem? I’m sure we’ve all been through it.


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