This Love is Not Blind

Ever had someone get at you for defending something you’re passionate about? That’s how I felt last night.

I sometimes can NOT stand negative opinions of things I love, even if I try to control how I feel about that. It still comes out as me saying something like “You better take that back!” and this often gets perceived as defense but to not get too blinded to not accept other people’s views of it.

But there’ll be times when we are deeply in love with something that has either been important to us for years, or something we just started loving.

We’re so caught up in the moment that we don’t like it when anyone says anything about it, no matter what it is.

Like it doesn’t have to be something like someone says: “Booo that thing SUCKS!” it could be simple as stating a fact to a constructive opinion.

But to us, those things are not factual. I remember I was so in love with the Transformers movies that I was unable to take any criticism, but after watching them for a few years I eventually grew tired of what I saw.

Compare that to Star Wars however, I saw the prequel trilogy not long after watching the original trilogy. It didn’t have great dialogue and acting, but the action and story was certainly what kept me interested, and allowed me to look past the flaws and enjoy the movies regardless. Despite the fact that I know what they get criticized for, it’s something that has been important to me for over a decade, and I tend to look at it as one whole saga rather than two different trilogies, as it should be.

The whole situation is, if you’ve loved something for years and tend not to take it as seriously, you hate it when people do take it seriously, whether they are fans or not.

Sometimes I feel like I get so affected by what others say, that I just want to hate everyone who doesn’t like it (the movie, universe, etc.)

So when people tell me not to be too blinded by something I’m passionate about, it’s as if they think I am completely unwillingly to accept what others think about it.

Let me clarify. They are right, but also wrong. 

How are they right? Well it’s simple, sometimes I do have trouble accepting other people’s opinions, and this was a real struggle in my child and teen years, sometimes if you grow up doing that, not everyone will believe that you have truly outgrown that behavior.

So how are they also wrong? Well maybe the possibility is that, I am able to accept your opinion, but maybe I’m tired of you rubbing it in because I already see it from a ton of other people. Like for example, I get sick and tired of all this “Fake Frehley” and “Tommy is a poser here’s why…..blah blah blah” because it’s everywhere. You don’t have to look very far to find statements like that in this example.

You may attempt to justify why you are offended and wish the other person would shut their mouth. But they will find ways to prove they are right, or others will do so. If you’re deeply in love with the subject (which is a normal thing to go through), you don’t want anyone to burst your bubble, unless there are some very real concerns like someone created a story that romanticizes abusive relationships and survivors and charities are contacting the author. Sound familiar?

So would you say I am easily blinded by the defense I give in the things I love? Not in all cases, it could either because I’m still trying to adjust to this type of social interaction, or I’m just tired of hearing it and need to vent my side of things that’ll hopefully change people’s minds, add to them, or they take back what they said when they realized it was offensive to someone who is passionate about the franchise/band/artist/etc.

It’s hard to be friends with people who openly express a dislike for something you’ve been passionate about for almost your entire life so far, and it’s perhaps a sign that maybe the relationship will not last much longer.

Just thought I would write some words of rant this morning before I take off for my presentation in class today, have a good one and don’t forget to pick who you talk to carefully, especially on Facebook.


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