I find myself going from one thing to another on nights like this, and it’s basically everyday.

I was going to study until 8:30 tonight but found myself drowsy at 8 so I stopped. I don’t know what to write about, so I’m sitting here writing anyway because I want to keep you all coming back for more no matter what, even when I don’t make something really interesting.

I like to sit and type sometimes as if someone is actually wanting to know what I am saying. I can be a real chatterbox in real life depending on what we are talking about. I could go on and on for hours how much I like science and shite, or what music I like. Call it specifics.

I might be going Internet dead on Friday because of The Force Awakens. Must avoid spoilers at all costs because I’m seeing it on Saturday. Facebook now allows you a lightsaber profile picture feature, and I’m just sitting here not bothering with it because I’ve got my totally awesome lightsaber from Ultrasabers to use instead. So since I’ll be done exams by the end of Thursday, I’m thinking on Friday I’m just gonna do my first shift at the new hospital and do some cleaning, only going online to play Galaxy of Heroes, or do some more writing here like a night before hype entry.

The Christmas tree downstairs is packed with presents and we are planning to go up to the cottage for Christmas. So how are we gonna pack up all those presents and taken them with us and open them there? I haven’t celebrated Christmas away from home since I was a wee mite and my nana used live in a trailer home. I would call her my nana to distinguish from each of grandmothers on each side of the family. My nana was my mom’s mom and my grandma was my dad’s mom. They’re both gone now and I miss them dearly.

Did I ever tell you I have a sweet tooth? I want to cut back on sugar but it ain’t easy, I try to limit myself to one treat a day or every other day. I almost grabbed a chocolate bar this evening but stopped myself because I remembered I had a candy cane this afternoon. How do people even manage this? But Fridays and Saturdays are the ideal time when I treat myself.

I’m also expecting another order from Her Universe and it’s taking a little longer to arrive because I didn’t tell them to make it international priority with Fedex like those other two outfits. Note to self: never pick international priority again, because if you do, it’ll arrive so fast that you won’t be there to pay the duties and taxes thus pawning it off on whoever is home at that time. Where is that Jedi cardigan I ordered a week ago?!

Yes this is a habit of mine, going between different topics at once when I have nothing specific that I want to write about, so sometimes I’m just writing.

The new BG on the site is supposed to be a black hole. I found some prettier pictures of space but they were “too large” for Blogger to handle. How pathetic, I really wanted to use those and I can’t. You can’t even see the black hole part. Maybe I need a space BG that is more visible, colourful but not too large, or better yet Blogger, increase the maximum image size on here please!

Alright it’s getting late here so I’ll sign off now. This week is going by so slowly I just want to be done exams and have some time off.


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