Iconic Christmas Characters

With Christmas only 5 days away, I’ve grown up getting to know many characters in children’s Christmas stories. But there are a few that always stand out.

Everyone knows Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch, and many more. But who was my favourite growing up?

Well, mine has always been Rudolph:

 I can relate to him as he and I both experienced exclusion and bullying when we grew up due to having different traits.

Rudolph was often laughed at and taunted because of his nose, but then he eventually proves himself to lead Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, and gains the respect of his peers.

He is unique in his own way and that’s what makes him special. One thing that really irritates me is when in certain movies, books, artwork, etc. of Santa’s sleigh, is when they forget to add Rudolph at the front. You can NOT forget about Rudolph! He is the most important out of all the reindeer as he is the leader, and his nose allows them to see in the dark or in stormy weather as they deliver presents.

That is why when I was a kid, I used to put out not just milk and cookies for Santa, but whenever I put out carrots for the reindeer, I would put out nine instead of eight.
He’s also really cute when he was young, and depending on which version of his story you saw or read, he either grows up and/or has a different love interest. 

I am more familiar with the 1998 animated film about him than the 1964 (which I’ve only seen once) but I love both versions of the story how he makes friends, falls for a pretty doe, learns to be confident in himself, and it eventually leads to him being the lead flyer on Santa’s sleigh.

Have you ever sang Christmas songs in the assembly just before school lets out early for the holidays from elementary – high school? If yes, one thing I could never understand, or did was whenever we sang Rudolph’s song….everyone would echo the last part or add in extra words to the song.

Example: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer…..and people would repeat “reindeer”

Or this: You would even say it glows……and the kids would say “like a light bulb” after that.

I was the only person who sang that song without adding in the extra parts because for some reason, I didn’t like it. But I was willing to come up with my own versions of Jingle Bells anytime.

As I said, never forget about Rudolph!


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