Double Jedi Dates

It’s not easy being caught in a love triangle in the Star Wars universe. Sometimes I can’t decide who to picture myself with more, for whatever the reason when I feel like daydreaming.

I mean, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto are both loved greatly by the fandom, as they are considered probably to be two of the most nicest Jedi in the Order.

Well, I had a dream about them both last night where I went on dates with both of them, but not simultaneously.

Still major two timing here as I cannot chose between them, because they are both sweethearts.

It started with Kit Fisto and surprise surprise, he was in the water.

How deep is your love Kit?

Imagine the Jedi Temple has a pool for training to be a better swimmer, practice with those little devices to breathe underwater, or for just leisure swimming. I took a break from my training to go for a well deserved swim. I didn’t notice Kit was in the pool, it was a very large pool and he was underwater the entire time.

I jumped in, swam around, and then floated at the surface on my back. Then I felt someone rubbing my back from underwater. I didn’t know it was him so I just closed my eyes and relaxed. He kept giving me that back rub for quite a while and then he came to the surface. I turned to tread water and saw him. He laughed and said he hoped I enjoyed it, as in this dream it was apparent that he and I had knew each other since we were Younglings.
I told him that he was really sneaky like that, and he was like “Oh yeah, what about this?” and then he started tickling me until my giggling was hysterical and I couldn’t stop splashing about.
Then he stopped and swam closer to me. “Yes that’s even more unexpected” I told him, and then he was silent. We stared in each other’s eyes until he came closer, and then his lips were on mine. It was a gentle kiss and I somehow knew inside during that moment of the dream that he liked me. When he pulled away he said “Yeah….so I don’t think you need ask me what that was for,” and I told him that I knew all along that he liked me, and that my feelings were mutual. 
He smiled and suddenly dove underwater. I followed him, but he was a way faster swimmer than I was. I couldn’t see anything underwater, and as I started to swim back to the surface for air……his arms wrapped tight around me and he kissed me again. I felt like I could breathe with his lips locked to mine as I held onto him, and then we were making out underwater for probably a very long time.
The song “How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Disciples makes me think of that whole event.
Cut to Plo Koon’s part of the dream. 
Plo….say you’ll remember it even if is forbidden love.

With Plo Koon, it’s more of a serious relationship than a fun loving one with Kit due to slight personality difference, but that doesn’t mean that Plo isn’t romantic. He told me to meet him at a fancy club on Courascant and wear something nice. I didn’t know what he was up to, but I did as he said and wore a black gown with a pink streak belt to keep my lightsaber on (you never know!). I took a cab to the place he said he’d meet me, and there he was in a black robe similar to the one he always wore.

He told me I looked very beautiful and took me by the hand. I know he was wishing that he could kiss my hand if he was able to. Then he led me inside, and turns out that it was a fancy restaurant and there was a dance floor as well. The Twi-lek waitress led us to our table which was by the window offering a great view. Plo was such a gentlemen I tell you, he pulled out my chair and everything. 
I’m not sure how Kel Dorians eat or drink but definitely not the same way we do! We ordered martinis, and for a meal, I got my favourite meal. As we waited for our orders to arrive, he reached across the table and held my hand the entire time as we talked about our relationship, how we would keep it secret, consensual, etc. and came to an agreement.
After dinner, we danced and everyone was staring at us but we never cared. Plo was such a great dancer, but he preferred to wait until the songs slowed down. When that happened, he led me on the dance floor like no one else could ever do perfectly.
Then we went for a walk in a nearby park, and when we came to the center of the park under the stars, Plo said to me, “Dear Emi, may I perhaps have, one more dance?” I swear to god I wish that moment was real as equally as much as I wish kissing Kit underwater was real. How could I refuse him? So we danced one last time, his arms around my waist, and mine just below his neck.
When it was over, I kissed him on the cheek and whispered that I loved him and he said, “And I love you dear Emi,” and his arms were tighter around me. The warmth of his embrace so sweet, even if I can’t kiss him, perhaps I don’t need it.
Then that was when I woke up, and thought damn, why do these good dreams come so rarely? I wish I had another one of them tonight as tomorrow morning I am getting my wisdom teeth out, and could use another good dream to calm myself prior to the event, and write about later.
Oh well, I’ve got my two lovely Jedi Masters and all the other aliens that share my heart to keep my daytime and nighttime fantasies romantic when possible,
I’m off to bed now, and hopefully I don’t lose any sleep, because I don’t seem that scared right now, but inside I feel the fear slowly creeping up on me.
Let’s not let the bed bugs bite.

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