Applesauce and Ice Cream

Well so much for doing anything exciting for the second half of the holiday…

Here I am in the living room typing this on Optimus, and in a lot of pain. There’ll be no partying tonight, but that’s okay because in all honesty, I prefer to spend my New Year’s Eve inside where it’s quiet and comfortable. Never was in to big parties that take place at someone’s house or the town square.

I am recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery yesterday morning. My dentist almost decided not to do it because I nearly gagged getting used to the laughing gas, but I told him it was a normal reflex and that I would eventually relax, so he took all 4 of those teeth out, plus did a few fillings. I was awake but less alert during the surgery, completely tuned out watching Cinderella on the ceiling TV and listening to my iPod on shuffle. Most of my friends who have had it done claimed they were asleep.

It played for me some Megadeth and Lordi, and then “I Rise You Fall” score from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift also started playing after that, which was one of the first songs I dedicated to Optimus Prime. He gave me strength to get through this, and even though I was daydreaming, I could tell when they were removing those teeth, and when the fillings were being done. To be honest I felt like the extractions happened so fast, like the time I had one extraction while I had braces.

I hate fillings so much but I’m used to them, even though I try to cut back on junk food and brush better, I still get them.

My jaw hurts like hell right now, and I spent my entire morning after the surgery yesterday, biting on gauze and the rest of the day having a Harry Potter marathon.

But hey, I can eat ice cream, applesauce, puddling, and other mushy shit. Hoping it’s safe for me to have mashed potatoes with gravy for lunch today, as I’m kinda reluctant to eat anything too hot yet. According to my mother, potatoes are loved by those on her side of the family, so I’ve inherited the potato crave!

Good news is the stitches started to clot by midday and as of this morning, I have not had any minor bleeding.

I think today I’m going to continue watching Harry Potter as I only have Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 left to watch. When the books were made into movies, I personally think it was the only series that pulled off the two part conclusion well. I have read the books (actually I binge read them) years ago.

It took all day for the local anesthetics to wear off and I left the dentist’s office with chipmunk cheeks. The worst part of those drugs is when they are first administered because they really hurt.

Even my brother was kind enough to get some stuff I needed once I was home, and due to his kindness, I shall return it if he ever has to get his removed in the future.

Also when I’m feeling a bit better, I will do the final edits to the next part of Emi Takori’s story and my latest mobile game addiction. Till then, I think I’m going to continue my marathon.


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