To The Sky

Happy New Year!

I normally do not stay up until midnight because I’m chilling at home and get too tired. I slept late this morning and I rarely do that either. Didn’t get up until 9:30am, figured the more rest I get, the quicker I recover.

Nothing like starting off 2016 with a really strange dream, and with parts of that dream being memorable and things that have happened before. I didn’t want to wake up from it, perhaps that’s why I slept in.

It started with I was going to the Shoppers Drug Mart that is a five minute walk from my house. When I walked inside, the place had completely expanded into a huge department store, It was like Wal-Mart almost, it even had outdoor decor and structures too.

After crawling around the OTC drug area someone came up to me, and she reminded me of one of the secretaries at my high school. She asked me how I fly in my dreams. I told her that I just find an open space, and run until I can kick my feet off the ground like an airplane on a runway. So I gave her a demonstration, and flew above everyone in the store. People were shocked and some of them started shouting “Can you teach me how to do that?!”

I grew tired of the attention, this was supposed to be my special ability in a dream. If everyone else could do it, then it’s no longer special, so I ignored them, landed, and left the store before anyone could follow me.

In this dream I actually lived in a different area of town, near the lake only with less trees in some areas, offering a better view. The houses were all built from bricks and had fancy architecture, but in this dream I was living with guardians who didn’t treat me well. If I disappeared from a few hours to even the whole night, the good side of that was they never bothered to look for me, but would give me shit whenever I returned.

Flying in your dreams isn’t just about putting all your worries aside, it’s about being alone and free as well. I wandered into a large open space and started running until I could kick my feet off the ground. I flew upward over all the wires and then went over the houses, then the lake.

Next thing I knew, I was singing Carolus Rex by Sabaton again. 

As I went over the clouds I started singing the song so loud you could hear it from the ground, as I soared, flipped, spun and looped all across the lake’s area, all day, all night and I began to repeat the last lines of the chorus as I descended when the stars began to disappear. I started my descent by leaping from one cloud to another.

I landed just in the shallow waters and quietly made my way through the neighborhood. As dawn arrived I could overhear my guardians waking up saying: “Where is that girl? She’s been gone all night again!” “Nah she’ll be back when she is, but I have to admit I almost forget she’s living with us, maybe she never was,”

They were right. I never lived with them, even though the house was nice and offered a great view of the lake, it wasn’t home to me. I flew out over the lake and started building something, a round shaped structure, meant to be a station where I would live in the sky.

“That’s no moon…..it’s a space station,”

Yes it did look like the Death Star when I completed it. I wanted it to be in the sky because being up there, I felt more free than I did on the ground. I have always felt that way all my life, if only we had the proper technology to do space travel in all those sci-fi movies and games. Hyperdrives, mass relays, slipspace, etc.

Being free, alone, and ruling my own kingdom, that’s what I think of in dreams like this now.

I woke up after completing my large round home in the sky, and when it was done, I think it resembled the Didact’s Cryptum more than the Death Star. Well, a Cryptum it is then!

To the sky, see the goddess rise, just like in the song…..the ruler all over Europe questioned by none.


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