I’m Addicted…….Addicted to GOH!

I never thought I pick it up again.

I’ve went through many mobile and simulation games on Facebook and mobile from Candy Crush to Farmville and It Girl.

Have I regretted some of them? Yes I have, especially Candy Crush. I ending up quitting that one when I realized I was not getting anywhere and the game wasn’t as rewarding as I thought it was.

Have I ever spent actual money on games like these? Yes, but kept to a minimum. If you’re going to use your money for microtransactions, that’s your call, but set a limit. Like for me, I don’t spend more than thirty dollars on virtual items, unless it’s got something I really really REALLY want. Therefore, if I am dying to own something in the game that is overpriced…..I use gift cards and save up that way instead of forking over fifty bucks all at once that could have been used for something else.

We all know that EA is notorious for bringing out unfinished material, and the rest of it will be presented in expansion packs, forcing us to pull out our wallets again when we would rather save them for something else later on. However, in some cases, due to the way this game is set up, I hope they don’t make expansions like their max level a player can get to, because it’ll only make players stress the quest to keep their characters maxed at level to match their own.
But this game isn’t as bad for a mobile game. Unlocking characters is time consuming but you have the immense satisfaction to know you finally got that character. I would constantly buy Luminara Unduli shards from Galactic War shipments on a daily basis until I finally got her. How long did that take me? About ten days, since I did Galactic War daily, and would have enough tokens to buy a pack of 5 shards of her once a day, and I needed fifty of them to unlock her. One lucky Chromium Mega pack purchase and I finally pulled out Kit Fisto to join my team. The dopamine in my brain is tickling me all over. 
According to a blog I follow that posts updates, tips and tricks to proceed through the game, the maximum player level you can gain is 60. I’m level 54 so it’s not far. You can also train your characters to match that of your player level. Trust me, that gets harder to do when you get to where I am. It started once my overall level reached the 40’s.
In a way, this is a good thing and a bad thing to stop at 60 for everything. 
Pros: You don’t have to worry anymore about keeping up all the characters you battle with the most to match your own level. Once you reach it, you can start training other characters that you don’t normally use, so you can create different teams and try different strategies in whatever type of battle you want to do.
Cons: Once you’ve maxed everything, there’s not much left for you to do except try to keep your rank in Arena mode at a certain level so you receive just the right amount of prizes daily to buy more Chromium cards and Arena shipments more often. I mean, let’s just say I play this game for several more months until I have unlocked all the characters I’ve wanted since I started, all of the characters I have are maxed by level, stats, gear, abilities, and star promotions (that will take a while to accomplish), what am I left with to do? 
But perhaps, the pros is better, considering it’ll eventually become impossible to keep your top ten characters at max level with your own if it is endless, because you’ll need more and more XP to a point where you’re leveling up once a month instead of once a week. 
Just like any other game, I can’t choose when I play. I have to wait five minutes for each of my energy to restore by one point, and that can sometimes take more than twelve hours if you choose not to play at all to let it replenish. I’m still waiting for my energy to be restored after using it up this morning to get my daily dose of battles to collect gear I need to upgrade it on certain characters I have. Also I find myself checking the shipments every 6 hours to see if they have anything I want. 
They almost never have shards in the shipments for a character that I am dying to unlock because it’s…..oh I don’t know…..a favourite character of mine perhaps? I’ve unlocked Kit Fisto so you know who’s next on my list! Need I say his name one more time to remind you?
Anyway, I’ll get there someday, but I tell you this game doesn’t destroy your life as much as Candy Crush Saga will. Maybe that’s why it’s good that they have a max level because, with CC, it’s endless and the levels eventually become impossible, that you could be stuck on just one of them from weeks to months. But this game seems to be made as, where you will eventually reach a point where you will complete it, and beat that hard part you’re stuck on recently. So hopefully EA has moved on to making something else by now. 
I have been wanting for a long time since I started playing this game, to send a complaint to the company, that I cannot change my player screen name in this game. Even though it is only displayed in Arena mode, I don’t like it. The second time I opened the game after installing it and connected it to my Google account, a pop up text appeared with the name RoTahn Taske written there. I didn’t know what it was, it never indicated it as “type your player name here”. So I closed it, and now I am stuck with that name forever in that game. I want to change it to “Emi Takori” but the only way to do that is if I play as a guest instead, (doing that starts a completely different account so all the shit I’ve unlocked so far is locked once again) and I cannot delete my progress in this game connected from Google Play. It sucks, but I try to not notice it because of some of the characters I’ve unlocked recently, speaking of which….
Not all iconic characters and fan favourites are in this game. Where’s Yoda, General Grievous, Padme, Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Obi-Wan (Clone Wars era), Mother Tazlin (I mean if you’re going to put in two different Nightsisters, plus Asajj Ventress, Talia and Old Daka, why not Tazlin too?), and Captain Rex (we’ve got Fives, so what about Rex?)
I was going to add Wolffe because sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who’s favourite clone legion is the Wolfpack commanded by Plo Koon, but what’s the point?
Instead of EA adding those characters I listed, not only have they added half of the iconic characters that I like from the PT, OT, TFA, and Clone Wars, but they have also thrown in some really unusual ones such as a Tusken Raider and Jawa whose names I cannot pronounce or spell for that matter. 
Not so sure what was the point of that, but I would take Grievous in this game over that Tusken Raider, whatever his name is. 
I wonder if I’ll be able to last, as in to play this game until I have completed and unlocked everything I want in it. Who knows how long that’ll take. 
One thing’s for sure, I don’t plan on stopping yet, but I wish my brain would stop prompting me to play it when I want to do something else because I would like to wait for my energy to recharge!
PS: Wanna add me to your allies, here’s my Ally Code: 574-753-987

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