You Are Not Saren, or Are You a Klingon?

I never really talk about the other universes that I love or am just starting to love.

The last time and the only time I wrote about Mass Effect, was in 2013 when I was getting fed up with some of my friends choosing to boycott the game because of the ending. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, there are tons of other things in ME that make you forget about the part that you hate.

Oh and Star Trek, I do like that as well. I mean, I don’t love it as much as Star Wars, I’ll give you that, but there are things that catch my eye in it. I reviewed Star Trek: Into Darkness a couple of years ago on here. But that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll come to love it more eventually.

It’s as if my brain keeps telling me, wait until something comes out, or you can set aside enough time to write something big about the rest of the franchises you like aside from Halo, Star Wars and Transformers.

But I need to tell myself not to just wait for that. Yes, I will write about the Mass Effect trilogy, but due to school starting up again next week, I think I’ll put that on hold until the semester’s over, because then I’ll have the whole summer to play all three games again, so I have a fresh perspective to start writing about each of them, (even though I’ve played through them more than four times, still…)

As for Star Trek, I’m watching ST: The Next Generation. Some things I remember, some things I don’t, because it seems a lot more complex than Star Wars. But one thing I try to do with slower sci-fi is eliminate distractions so I can focus on the plot. I saw a few episodes as a kid when my parents were watching it and I took brief interest in characters like Troi, Worf, and Dr. Crusher. (as of today I think Worf is the only interest that has remained in terms of having a favourite character)

So it shouldn’t be all about waiting for a big post to come up, but sometimes just sitting down and writing about whatever I want when it comes to these genres works too, as it’ll keep you all engaged, and I enjoy it too; just coming on here and writing that is. Like the latest episode I saw perhaps or a random thought.

Or how I feel about the Reapers:

Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding

Or perhaps I sense a new alien crush entering my heart:

What are you looking at Worf? Is there something in my hair? Oh never mind, did I ever tell you I like the sound of your voice?


Anyway here’s to adding some new topics on here, and I will make sure to write about them more often, whether it’s a planned post or something completely random like a dream or thought of the day.

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