Helping the Bloody Horror Chicks

Some dreams motivate me to watch certain movies that I have not watched in a long time.

But those movies often leave an impact on me because I really like the story, be it the tragedy, love, or anything.

This time it was horror, and shoot I have not talked about that kind of stuff since my review of Dark Floors years ago.

Yes I’ve seen the 2013 version in theaters, and then I saw the original on Netflix

The story of Carrie White is one of my favourite teen stories. Now I’m not going to go into too much comparing of the two movies, all I can say is I thought Carrie’s dance with Tommy Ross was better in the original, he even kisses her, plus he’s cuter. While the 2013 remake makes the prom scene more brutal, and the bullying is even worse and makes me hate Chris even more, because not only does she throw…you know at Carrie, but she also uploads it to YouTube. So it was immensely satisfying for the remake to show her (Carrie) kill Chris because I despised her for what she did, serves her right that b***h.
Anyway, I feel like I can relate to Carrie when I was in high school. I was shy and insecure. A lot of people dismissed me because of that and my different interests. 
I am grateful to be raised by a loving family that supports me, whereas Carrie was abused by her religious fanatic mother who’s just as bad in both versions of the film. She is one of the main causes that Carrie was bullied, and that bullying went too far with the incident in the showers, uploading it to YouTube (2013 version only), and of course, the prank at the prom.
Now in the dream, which I had a few nights ago, I was going to Carrie’s high school, and we were in the same classes together. she was being bullied, and this was long before the incident with the tampons and napkins. I tried to stick up for her and ended up punching Chris one time. It got me suspended for a week but it felt good. (don’t worry, I never actually did this in high school and could never bring myself to no matter how much anyone pissed me off)

When Carrie spoke to me that Tommy Ross asked her to the prom, I was happy but also suspicious. Carrie snuck out to show me her dress the day before prom, as her mother did not approve of me coming over, because I was atheist, and she thought that was sinful. I didn’t want to cause any trouble.

I said her dress was beautiful, and that homemade dresses are considered the prettiest because they are your own creation, rather than what everyone else wants to wear. I told her I would be coming to the prom as well, but I had no date. (I hate the stereotype of having to go to prom with a date, hell, I didn’t even go to the prom when I was a senior, besides, it’s not a rite of passage to go to prom) because I didn’t care about that thing. I would probably be made fun of for that, but I didn’t care.

I tried to teach Carrie not to give a yoink about what people think, even if they push you over the edge like that. But unfortunately she lost it when the pig’s blood dumped on her and she began to attack the student body. I was running for the door and squeezed my way out just as she was closing them.

Her story is tragic, if only she could have been helped sooner, then she never would have done what she did. Sometimes I think she intended to die because of the massacre she caused at the school, no one would forget that. What else would she do? Run away maybe?

She doesn’t burn in hell, she’s gone to a better place where no one treats her badly.


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