My Forerunner Love with Flying Powers

This place is turning into a “Dream Diary”….you can actually buy those I heard. It’s so strange, I feel the need to write about my dreams so much because I want to preserve them in this place.

Anyway, I told myself I wasn’t going to write about any dreams tonight from last night, because I figured that I wouldn’t have one as good as the last, or the one where I flew high in the sky till dawn.

But whether it’s flying high, or a character I love makes a special appearance, I gotta write about it because how else can I preserve it?

So, it shifted to two different parts….I was camping on a planet with many grassy hills and mountains. I could only guess it was Nomdagro, as I have always imagined that planet to be like that. God bless Halopedia. In this time period, after the events of The Good, The Bad, and the Didact. The Ur-Didact and I were now living happily on Nomdagro in our estate which he rebuilt and restored life to the planet.

On my chest was a single crystal designed to expand the longevity of my life so we could be together longer. He was away on a mission on the other side of the galaxy and had been gone for months. I didn’t want him to leave at first but when he told me he intended to return and marry me, I agreed to wait for him and look after the Prometheans that were staying on the planet with us. He had millions of them all over the galaxy.

Our relationship had its tense moments such as he was preparing for the mission, he distanced himself from me for weeks, when I finally confronted him that he never spent time with me anymore, and we should talk about it; it took tears and persuasion but he finally realized that he forgot what else was just as important to him as was being victorious. So he consented to come back home to me, while I promised to wait and look after his Prometheans.

From the estate, I could not see where his ship would land in one of the nearby Forerunner structures so I decided to wait on top of a hill above it. I waited all day and all night after receiving his last message that he would be home soon. Then, one night, I was in my tent sleeping, I heard the sound of ship engines. I ran outside to see Mantle’s Approach in the sky, and then I slid down the hill as I saw him exiting the ship. He had no idea that I was coming until I he saw me reach the bottom, I ran into his arms and we kissed. He fufilled his promise and we were married with his war sphinxes as the justice or keeper of the peace, whatever its called. All the Prometheans from across the galaxy came.

Then we were dancing all night together under the stars. Most fans can’t imagine the Didact being romantic, but I can!

The dream then shifted to something that is not much but it gave me flying powers once again, I was shifting between using rocket boots, to dragon wings, and I don’t know which I like more. But there have been a lot of times where my ability to fly in dreams, was done through a transformation that I never see myself in, but I’ve got a pretty good idea what it looks like. It has to be based off my Dragon Master form which I have pictured and drawn many times. Three golden horns on my head, golden wrist blades, pink Sailor Moon-ish outfit and purple dragon wings with gold streaks.

And that wraps up another exciting dream, I find these dreams to be very escaping when they happen on the days when I’m a lot busier with other stuff in my life, so here’s to hoping they continue when school starts up again.


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