Rightful Masters

You know, one of the very first things that made me want to pursue Star Trek as part of my interests was when some things were released to add a bit more intensity to the franchise.

I was used to fast sci-fi with a lot of action, but I try to keep an open mind to parts of the genre that seem to have more talking and less shooting if you know what I mean. I’ve seen a few episodes of each of the Star Trek series that exist, except for Deep Space Nine, but that’ll be subject to change soon. Then I started watching one of the series on Netflix to really commit to getting into this stuff.

But somewhere deep down, there was something in the past that existed as part of what made me want to get into this universe and it was there on the shelf next to our old PS1.

Does this look familiar?

Trekkies, you probably have seen this game. If you played it, you rock! Okay so where do I begin? This was one of our old PS1 games, another great game with a memorable score. We never completed it, my brother and I. Heck we never bothered with the training missions Raw Recruits part 1 & 2.

One thing I really like is this game gave Worf an expanded role and he’s one of my favourite characters. Even if he just briefs you before missions and gives you objectives during them.

Since we never completed the game, I only remember like 5 missions in it by heart.

First one was when you and another Valkyrie are instructed to investigate Romulan presence in a system near the Neutral Zone. It turns into a dogfight until the large vessel de-cloaks. This personally was my favourite level because (spoiler alert!) the Enterprise appears at the end.

Cease your attacks! We were merely defending ourselves!

After that, you have to stop a Cardassian freighter from escaping into a wormhole, The key trick that always worked best was, keep shooting the freighter until its shields are depleted, and then spam your torpedoes until you run out. After that, just keep shooting with the other resources you have at infinite supply.

Then, you have to escort a convoy but then you’re attacked by these unknown fighters. This is where it gets really infuriating because these guys, their torpedoes are like OP. They can home in on their target and deal a lot of damage.

But that’s just the beginning, because after that you have to face those fighters again, alone, and in atmosphere. Laser blasts everywhere, and those damn torpedoes. But that’s all part of the challenge right? If it’s too easy, where’s the fun in that?

Now I want to actually pursue this game and get further than we did last time. Putting it on my list of things to play, more likely going to tackle after this semester is over.


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