It’s been too long since I walked into the record store.

The nearest one in the mall closed down and I was a regular customer there. They knew me, and they knew what my taste was. You could say I felt special there, until they closed their doors.
However, I decided to tag along with my mom and brother, who were going into the neighboring town to go shopping, because it was my brother’s birthday. I had not been to the mall in that town in ages, but hey any excuse to go to the record store they have there right? 
Ah it’s been too long. My music is so precious to me. I think I overspent a little……

What should I listen to first?

I don’t know, I just walked into HMV while in Mapleview, I told myself: “Eh…just one or two CDs,” but turns out I disobeyed that order I gave to myself. 

I had heard enough from fellow Star Wars fans that TFA’s soundtrack was great. I have plans to buy them from the other movies too. Ah Sabaton, I love them so much now after seeing them live. One of those albums I already have on iTunes but I could always use the physical backup. I go old school when the opportunity is presented!
Powerwolf, been part of the pack for quite a while so why not? Can you believe I still did not have Megadeth’s debut album until now? Well here you go.
Now I’m not sure which one to listen to first….ugh well tomorrow after I finish some math homework, and sort out some issues with my laptop, then I’ll make a decision or just pick one with my eyes closed. 
That was one delicious chocolate tartufo I had at that Italian restaurant today. Oh, and when I was at Mapleview mall, I also wandered into Hot Topic and spotted that Darth Vader cape dress in my size, so I tried it on. It was tricky to don, but as soon as I had it on I wasn’t feeling it. I mean, it looked cute on me, but the price wasn’t me if you know what I mean. I liked it, but not enough to spend on it, unless it was on sale! So I left that store empty handed, I never leave Hot Topic without a bag! The Princess Leia dress wasn’t in my size unfortunately. Oh well, if I change my mind about that Vader dress, I can always get it online.
I have to try to cut back on my spending habits this year. I think I’ll wait until I get more money before I get my hands on those other SW soundtracks, maybe next month. 
As my master Luminara said to Emi Takori (me): “Patience is a virtue young Padawan, be mindful that if we take our time in any situation, we will get the best result,”

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