Grow Up and Be Accepting: 4 Things Star Wars “Fans” Need to Stop Complaining About

The KISS fandom is bad enough to suffer grown up men (and in some cases, women as well) that just do not know how to move on. Star Wars unfortunately suffers the same thing. What do both of these things have in common besides the fact that I’m passionate about them? The answer is, they have been around for 40+ years, and older fans are blinded by nostalgia to accept change and the newer generation. It seems that those who started off as fans when these two things were found in the 70’s…I thought that fans like these would be more mature to this day.

They are supposed to be the mentors of the younger generation of fans who most likely have inherited being a fan from their parents, yet they act mature in public, but on the Internet, they whine like babies, sometimes racism and sexism are used. How are people my age and children supposed to learn more from their parents who have been around since these things started? Yet some of these issues they are upset about are over ten years old…..wait this is familiar, the same thing applies to KISS! So why still pick lint out of your belly button as if this happened yesterday?

With KISS, I wrote almost three years ago, the Top 5 things these “fans” complain about, it was Paul’s voice, Gene’s doing on whatever, Eric and Tommy, merchandise, and the music. For Star Wars, I’ve got a pretty good idea what needs to be said:

1. The Prequel Trilogy

We get this one a lot. Grown up men and women just love to hate on the prequels. Even my brother doesn’t like them. I get it, they’re not original, you can’t beat the classics, they are a completely different plot. Every year I watch the Star Wars movies in chronological order, and now I can add the 7th to my annual marathon. What does that mean? It means that when I do this every year, I start at the prequels, and I’m always watching them alone because I’m the only one in my family that enjoys them now. Sometimes I get lucky and my dad joins me to watch The Phantom Menace because he actually likes it.

There are some very specific reasons why the prequels are hated, but I’m going to talk about the general stuff first before I jump into that. But what’s to hate? The prequel trilogy was very successful according to the box office and before The Force Awakens came out, Revenge of the Sith made the most money out of the entire saga! That’s something to be proud of. The action is awesome, and in fact the PT has some of my all time favourite moments in the saga such as the Pod-race, General Grievous (duh), all the Jedi in the arena battle, etc.

Yes there is some unusual dialogue, which I have taken more notice off such as the notorious “I don’t like sand, it’s course, rough….” yeah that line was pretty strange, what were you thinking Hayden? But I try to look past it because despite silly dialogue, the action is awesome, and the story too, how could I forget about? The story is what I care about the most!

Anakin and Padme, I don’t care what you say, I like their relationship, and I think the Clone Wars improves it to show it has its rocky moments and isn’t perfect. So there were cheesy lines, big deal, I like how it contains my favourite romance (aside from the theme in Titanic) theme Across the Stars, and ties into the whole forbidden love concept because of the Jedi Code.

The PT also has quite a few plot holes. Some of them will get filled in The Clone Wars. Like you’re wondering who the hell Sifo-Dyas is, until CW explains that a little more when my dear Plo Koon finds his (Sifo Dyas’s) lightsaber in ship wreckage during a sandstorm.

So c’mon, it’s still Star Wars, sure it’s not the original or the first but I think the haters are more upset on the fact that they’ve grown up. Hence, their nostalgia blinds them to at least enjoy something that is different.

2. Clone Wars Series 2003 vs. 2008

Which one is better? The Clone Wars is my favourite era and EU in the Star Wars franchise all together. It features most of my favourite characters, and has lots of moments that I thought were intense and dark. So which version is better? As someone who has watched both the 2003 and the 2008 series of this era, I liked both in many different ways. 2003 microseries for its fast action, showing me things I was curious about in the Jedi Order; such as how a Padawan graduates to Knighthood, and for making General Grievous more of a badass, even if he was overpowered. The 2008 series for giving certain characters expanded roles, adding more depth to the story, exploring the diplomatic conflicts, the dark side, and the clones besides the Jedi, many awesome lightsaber duels, and giving us more lead female Jedi like Ahsoka Tano.

So how does this divide the fandom? Simple. People argue which version of this series is better. People who have seen the 2003 series first are more familiar how fast and intense some things are. A significant attack they make on TCW is that they think it is meant for kids because the action is not as fast and violent. A common example is when Grievous takes on five Jedi all at once, spins his entire torso, grabs one of the Jedi with his foot and smashes his skull.

Then there’s when Mace Windu takes on an entire droid army, unarmed. I know, crazy right?

So the 2008 Clone Wars where Lucas was more involved in has much more depth and story than the 2003 microseries. It also has many intense dark and twisting moments that are meant to attract an older audience. Appealing to teenagers, people my age and older, does not have to necessarily involve just fast action, blood, gore and death.

My point is, perhaps you could watch the 2003 microseries for just the action, and the 2008 series if the story is more important to you.

Some examples where people get upset about TCW 2008 is the fact that the action isn’t fast enough, (spoiler alert!) Ahsoka Tano encounters Grievous twice and fights him. The second time is better than the first in my opinion (see the video), and yet, people are upset because it’s nothing like that notorious battle he had with all those Jedi in 2003. Were you expecting him to kill her?

This brings me to the point that TCW (I will refer to the 2008 Clone Wars as that from now on) haters believe that TCW is a kid’s show because, for instance, Grievous doesn’t kill her in this video (season 5), he does things like capture Eeth Koth (season 2), and runs away from battle many times when he realizes he’s been defeated. But hello? He was always a coward at times! I get the feeling that they want him to be like a badass hunter that stabs every Jedi he sees and tears them in half.

Is it for kids? No, you’re still wrong.

As I have said before, just because things like that are missing from TCW doesn’t mean it’s for kids. You’re forgetting that the show has countless other things that happened in it, that attracted an older audience.

However, I also argue that yes the action is not constant, but what makes it more exciting is that it’s unpredictable, sometimes it ends badly, like the whole assault of the CIS vs. the Nightsisters (season 4). That was intense and a dark time as the faction (the Nightsisters) was pretty much annihilated completely.

The one thing I’ve always liked about TCW is in most cases, a set of episodes, three or four is one whole plot that leads up to a final confrontation. There’s a lot of depth in the story, and it gets you interested it, absorbs you, you’re on the edge of your seat during a suspenseful moment, and then it ends with an exciting battle of any kind. There are major and minor plots throughout the series. The minor being only one episode and the major take 3 – 4 episodes. For instance, the set of episodes when Obi-Wan goes undercover as a bounty hunter. I kept wondering how he would maintain his disguise and prevent Anakin from discovering the truth, and then there was the whole set of tests in that box to see who was worthy for the assassination mission.

TCW also expands the roles of minor characters, especially ones that got only one or no role in CW 2003. Plo Koon didn’t get anything in 2003, Kit Fisto had one cool 4 minute long scene. Shaak Tii had her fair share of battles, and even though her role seemed reduced in TCW she still played her part. Oh, and let’s not forget that we got new characters like Satine, Savage Opress, Pong Krell, Ahsoka Tano (of course, can’t forget about her) etc. The clones have more character development too, some of them even had names instead of numbers such as Rex, Fives, and Wolffe.

In spite of all the dark moments the series has, the exciting battles that come at the end of a line of episodes for one plot, haters still refuse to see that it’s for all ages because it’s not intense action with things such as Grievous crushing a Jedi’s skull with his foot.

But here’s the thing primitives, I watched the series and liked it, my brother watched it and liked it, one of my best friends from France watched it, and he liked it too. How old are the three of us? We’re right around the same age (in our 20’s) and we loved the show. Before I started watching it, I was more into gaming at that time and overheard my brother watching it downstairs. I had only seen half of the first season on Teletoon at the time, before they changed the time it was on when season 2 aired. I asked my brother how it was, and he said it got better by the time you got to the second season. He told me that the series had darker themes that kids would probably not want to see, and he was right.

Mortis, the Citadel, the things that went down when Darth Maul returned (especially in season 5). Those were some pretty dark moments, I was at the edge of my seat. Characters do die in this show, but to the haters it’s as if they think there’s not enough of that. I could go on and on about how many dark, intense and deep moments there are in TCW but I think I’ve ranted long enough about it.

Sadly, TCW haters are blinded by their nostalgia towards the classic 2003 CW with nonstop fast action (and the truth is, even though I have some favourite moments from that microseries, the characters were overpowered, and they took away a fair amount of what could have been a story because it was so “rushed” so it could lead up to the events of Revenge of the Sith), refuse to give anything else a chance.

TCW is meant to be for all ages. Kids can watch it if they like, but due to some dark things that happen like death or a scary certain death moment can scare them. That is where it appeals to an older audience like myself.

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it instead of complaining.

3. Character development

I think many people take good acting way too seriously. Everyone just feels that they have to be a critic about this. Why don’t you just shut up and enjoy the movie? Yes, I know, Hayden isn’t that great at this role in the PT because he complains too much. But wasn’t Anakin always struggling as a Jedi before he turned to the dark side? Have any of you “critics” thought about that?

But it seems that with our generation, the older fans; which should be considered the ones responsible for the newer generation of fans coming out besides the company itself, think they can just ruin it for everyone by criticizing everything, unless it’s 100% perfect.

I don’t think Hayden’s acting is perfect either, but I’m almost afraid to admit that I think he was hot in ROTS.

So in a sense, who cares really, in the end it’s just movie? Nothing in it is perfect. If you’re a professional movie critic then you can rant all you want, and as far as I can tell, most of you are not critics, you’re just still in diapers.

4. Jar Jar Binks

This was supposed to go under #3, but since it’s Jar Jar, I figured he deserves his own section here due to how big (and old) this issue has become.

I almost didn’t add this picture to this article because I didn’t want to see any horrible artwork people made of him being punched or killed in the search results. I cannot stress to you how much I hate those.

Before we go any further, I’m going to bust the rumors that might follow after people read this.

I am NOT defending Jar Jar because I love him, in fact I don’t love him, nor do I hate him. My feelings towards him are neutral. So I’d appreciate it if no one sicks the dogs on me just because I have chosen to not waste my time blaming him for “ruining” the prequels, or choosing to not part take in listing ways to kill him.
As I stated earlier: I watched the original trilogy as a kid. Once that made my interest spark, my parents also said they had The Phantom Menace. I couldn’t wait to see more of the Star Wars universe so I watched that movie and was introduced to a new era, and new characters. Then I saw Jar Jar. The truth is, he made me laugh as a kid. I never had a problem with him as I grew up. My dad even admits to me that he kind of likes the Gungans too. All I know is that he doesn’t hate Jar Jar either, but he likes to talk Gungan around me and he likes Boss Nass.

Anyway, why am I getting sick of all the hate Jar Jar gets? Firstly, it’s been over ten years since he was put into Star Wars, he was supposed to serve as comic relief, and instead everyone treats it like they were all stabbed in the back because of things like him being played by a black guy (which is actually true), thus they think Jar Jar is racist. They cry like 4 year olds as if Jar Jar was introduced into this franchise as if it happened yesterday.

Do not even get me started on the racism, all I’m going to say is I don’t care who does it, and I don’t care if there is some integration here. It’s 2016.

Secondly, as for the comic relief part, it is believed to be overdone, but come on, really? Jar Jar isn’t perfect. Yeah he’s clumsy, but he’s just trying his best in this universe. You can’t spend all your time getting upset that he’s there and he’s annoying you. In a way, he is meant to be annoying. Every movie has their annoying character, but is it really worth your time to have it spent on whining how much he annoys you? It’s like complaining over the fact that someone that bothers you in real life is BREATHING the same air as you.

However, the hate coming from the fact that he proposed Palpatine be given emergency powers is an understandable reason for disliking Jar Jar. If none of that happened, then all the crisis in ROTS would have never happened. That’s one thing.

Thirdly, the rest of the reasons for hating Jar Jar is stupid, and frankly, it’s getting old. He’s in Star Wars, get over it. This is just like KISS fans whining over Eric and Tommy being in the band.

Fans look for excuses to hate on Jar Jar no matter what a Star Wars page posts. For example, Ultrasabers, (the place I got my lightsaber from) posted a picture of the dinner scene from TPM because it was American Thanksgiving that day. Fans went into outrage just because Jar Jar was at the table, and said that he should be the one on the plate with an apple in his mouth.

But I think the pictures of his head decapitated, him getting punched in the jaw, or anything visual is what is irritating me the most. I’m sure you’re all familiar with HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) right? In all of their videos of how the films in the PT should have ended….Jar Jar gets killed. The makers of those videos probably hate him too, so they’re just looking for excuses to do it, because they know most of their viewers will enjoy it. They even introduce in one of their vids (as an excuse to kill him again) the possible theory that Jar Jar has traits that could make him a potential Sith Lord.

Sometimes I look at that and think, if that were true, maybe people would leave him alone for a change.

I see nothing wrong with comic relief in Star Wars no matter how silly it is. Instead of blaming Jar Jar himself, or the actor that played him, blame it on Lucas, he’s the one who created the character. Take the hate to him for a change, because it’s been over a decade, and I’m getting tired of it.

You really hate Jar Jar that much, well it sucks to be you because instead of posting pictures of his head ripped off, chatting with your friends about how you’re going to kill him…why don’t you just ignore him instead? Whether you like it or not, he’s in Star Wars, and he’s not going anywhere so keep dreaming about seeing his remains in Episode VIII, because I highly doubt that will happen.

So there you have it. Those are the 5 things that Star Wars fans need to chill out about, we are supposed to be welcoming to the new generation, because whether you like it or not, more people are going to join and be more familiar with the newer stuff than the old.

I’m going to bust another myth here that might arise before I wrap this up: The views expressed here are completely my own. I am not trying to get anyone to change their own views. However, I will explain what this is about should anyone come to me with concern. I may change views, improve them, or withdraw from the conversation. You are entitled to your opinion, but I do encourage you to not get carried away when you express it or shove it down my throat or others.

As much as you don’t like it, you have an option that is better than whining: Leave or bite the bullet, and when you choose to do one of those things, it doesn’t mean whining. Spend your time focusing on the parts of Star Wars that you do enjoy. It’s healthier than making drawings of Jar Jar being cut in half right?


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