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Paul Stanley – 1978

Well it’s Paul Stanley’s birthday, and I apologize if this review is a few days late, I have been really busy and trying to squeeze in spare time to write this and other planned entries.

This blog is my number one priority in my leisure time.

Anyway, I did this with Gene’s album when it was his birthday so why not Paul as well?

Track by track was what you wanted so you’ll get it?

Tonight You Belong to Me

I was actually listening to this again this week after picking it as the featured song on Monday. It’s a good intro song, I’ll give you that. Then it jumps right into the rock tune that KISS has always stuck with. Paul wanted to stay true to the sound KISS had back in that time. To me, this one makes me think you’re after someone you’re in love with, and now you finally have them exactly where you want to, like I said, I shouldn’t have to explain where that goes. But the melody suits it. According to the book, this song is about how Paul was trying to win the heart of Carol Kaye, and I gotta say, I can tell in the book and this song, along with the rest that are about her. Paul was giving everything he got to get this girl to stop seeing the other guy she was involved with.

Move On

I can tell there was a tiny bit of backup singing in this one. Never a favourite of mine, but it’s as if you’re pushing someone away and they can’t get over you. I seemed to recognize the message right away.

Ain’t Quite Right

Also not a huge favourite of mine, but it’s one that has to be about, “are you really going with them and not me? How can you do that?” That spells love problems again, and Paul’s the big ladies man more romantically than just sexually in the band. Definitely something he would do.

Wouldn’t You Like to Know Me

This one is another song that tells the story of Paul’s love for Carol back in the day. It’s as if he’s trying to convince her that if she gives him more of a chance than the other guy, she’ll discover that he is more worth her time seeing. I love the sound in this one as well. It still doesn’t beat the first track, but still really catchy.

Take Me Away/Together As One

This is one of my favourite songs along with “Tonight” that I absolutely love to sing out loud when I’m alone. It took a few times of listening to this one before it grew on me. Then all of a sudden I belted it out after listening to it a few times. I never bothered to look at the message it has, but I love the lyrics in this one. Took me a few tries to sing it perfectly but I’ve got it now.

It’s Alright

Another track that I feel neutral about, but you can tell that by listening to this, it’s about saying it’s okay if you want someone to stay with you for the night or not. Love, sex, both. It sounds similar to “Wouldn’t You Like to Know Me” but I prefer it over this one.

Hold Me, Touch Me (Think of Me When We’re Apart)

I think this is the sweetest song on the entire album, it’s about a different girl who Paul was seeing and about how he missed her while he was on tour. Reminds me a lot of Peter Criss’s hit song Beth on Destroyer. Also heard in KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, depending on which version of the movie you have. It was in the one my friend had and its definitely a sweet tune.

Love in Chains

A favourite of mine, but not one that I can sing just yet, it’s as if the message behind this is, you belong to someone and no one can take you from them, or you shouldn’t let anyone hurt you. Maybe that’s what is perfect for me, I keep my love in chains all the time! Either way, no matter what it means, even if the actual meaning is not what I thought it was, it can have its own meaning to me only. Still, it’s catchy as hell.


You can tell right off the bat that this was a good ending track considering Paul’s relationship with Carol did not end well. You got your heart shattered, you have to let it go and realize that they weren’t meant to be yours. Reminds me of when I read about his divorce with his first wife, and he was worried how it would impact him mentally and his son Evan at that time.

So, when I reviewed Gene’s album, I found it to be quite unexpected but with good parts of it. Paul on the other hand, seemed to stay true to what he was known for, when he went off on his own to make this. He’s always been the rocker type who is also the lover-boy of the band, I don’t love every song, but just enough of them to give a fair rating.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Next up, I hope to do this again for Ace Frehley’s album when his birthday rolls around.



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