My Dream ME Relationships

I can imagine myself on the Normandy with the diverse crew just wanting to be related to me. But one thing I’ve never talked about is what kind of relationship would I want with those on my Femshep’s crew?

Well…..besides romance, unfortunately I don’t know what kind of relationship would be for every ME character that joins the Normandy so I narrowed it down to the top 5 I am most likely to be close to in the Mass Effect universe.

1. For a boyfriend: Garrus

Everyone saw this one coming. Garrus may seem a bit awkward at first, but one thing that makes myself and hundreds of other ME fangirls love him, is he becomes a sweetheart afterwards. Who needs a vid when you got me? When he’s not too busy calibrating there are such exciting and romantic things we could do together, dancing, bottle shooting, or cuddles on the couch. I swear, FemShep is just meant to be with Garrus. If there was a Mass Effect movie based on anyone’s play through where they followed the Paragon path, Garrus would be the love interest in that movie.

2. A brother: Wrex

Wrex has always been my go-to squad mate and the one who likes to pull my ass out of the fire. I can never bring myself to kill him on Virmire. If you killed him, I don’t know if you even have a heart. Wrex is a badass, he’s protective, and once you get to know him, you just can’t hate him. Since he’s always been such a good friend to me in every single time I’ve played through the trilogy, he has become the brother I have never had. Let’s move pyjak, it’s time to cure the genophage! (for probably the 5th or 6th time). Truth is, I already saw him as a brother back in the 1st game before he even calls my FemShep a sister to him in the third game.

3. A sister: Liara

Out of all the members of the Normandy, Liara is definitely the nicest and most caring of them. She’s always so calm and willing to comfort Shepard when he/she needs it. She’s the kind of asari I would go to for some girl talk first, which is why I see her as a sister. She might outlive me but that doesn’t mean we can still do things together. If she was in a romance with another human, she might come to me and ask what she can do to impress him. Other than that, she’ll be the sister that will do anything with me, even if it means I spend some time studying Protheans with her!

4. For a BFF: Tali

Tali is also another nicer member of the Normandy along with Liara, she’s the kind of person I want to hang out with a lot. Sometimes she’s a little sensitive, but I’ll let her vent all she wants to me, and I’ll listen no matter what. Not sure what her idea of fun is considering the fact that Quarians spend all their time on the flotilla, but I wouldn’t mind watching a romantic movie with her in my apartment on the Citadel, or reading girlie magazines once in a while.
5. For a best guy friend: Grunt

The krogan have always been my favourite race next to the turians. There’s no doubt that Grunt would be perfect to be the best male friend that I have. He’s the type who likes to take more risks than Wrex, so we’d spend a lot of time doing crazy things, especially in the Citadel’s combat simulator. Even though he might get into trouble with C-Sec, refuse to let people into my apartment when I’m having a party, and of course get drunk in the shower. He’s still my lovable Grunt who gives me a punch on the arm to let me know how much I mean to him!
So what are your top 5 Mass Effect characters and the type of relation you’d like to have to them. Comment below!

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