Lady on the Dauntless, Prisoner on the Dutchman

I don’t have many dreams based on any of the fantasy series that I like, and certainly not Disney that much. Well, that changed last night.

One of my favourite live action Disney movie series is Pirates of the Caribbean and I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the movies, but it’s been a long time since the last. Maybe I should do that this weekend.

I’m surprised this dream didn’t take place on the Black Pearl, isn’t that where everyone wants to be when they dream about these movies?

And to be honest, I was hoping this dream would take place on her!

Or they want to be on the Flying Dutchman

But I might feel out of place, or perhaps Davy Jones wants me to be his prisoner and not a member of his crew

But no, instead this dream took place on the Dauntless.

Not very exciting? Seems like your typical British ship of that century, The number of levels it has below deck reminds me of the cruise ship in The Little Mermaid only this time more.
I don’t know what era these movies take place, but I assumed it was the 1600’s or the 1700’s when I first saw them.
In the dream I was up on the crow’s nest of the ship late at night. No one wanted me up there, I was the widowed captain’s daughter. In his wife’s dying wish, he promised her to raise me to be a lady, so he hired tutors to discipline me. But I didn’t want that (surprise, surprise). I loved sailing on the seas, being free, and not having to wear a dress with a corset or steel hoop. 
I was looking at the horizon and singing songs about pirates. Those who were part of crew who did night watch thought it was a ghost singing up there, so whenever they climbed up to investigate, I would slide down the sail and run back into my cabin. 
During the day, my father would command the ship as usual, My tutors would search high and low to begin their lessons with me, but I was always running around on the lower decks, playing and hiding. You could say that I was a little girl again in this dream who preferred to be a pirate rather than a lady.
As the Dauntless was approaching America, I was once again on the crow’s nest singing and down below I could see the crew with swords and guns out, I was hoping they weren’t looking for the singing ghost (me) because they couldn’t sleep! But they were. As I prepared to hide, they stopped climbing and turned their attention towards the sea once again as something came out of the water. 
I turned to look and a massive green ship appeared, it was the Flying Dutchman. Like I said, what’s worse? She attacks the Dauntless, or I am aboard her surrounded by sea monsters? Bear in mind I was still a little girl in this dream so I had no clue what was happening, nor did I know what ship that was.
I looked down to see strange creatures board our ship. some of them had hammerheads, puffer fish spikes on their faces, even a moray eel head. I knew my father was down there, but it was too unsafe for me to slide down.
I ducked down and curled up inside the crow’s nest so no one could see me as the battle continued, the sounds of swords clashing and death cries continued for a long time until there was silence. Then came the sound of someone climbing up the rope ladder to where I was. Did they kill everyone? Was someone coming to save me or kill me? I looked up to see my father reach down but then suddenly, a sword pierced his flesh from behind. I screamed, and a massive crab claw grabbed him by the throat and tossed him aside.
Then there he was, Davy Jones, tentacles and all, looking down at me. 
Yes, tentacles and all…

He snarled and then turned to someone who might be on the ladder below, and then he said “This one’s coming with us!” and then his other hand that wasn’t a lobster’s claw grabbed me.

That’s when I woke up, but I can only imagine what happened when they took me onto their ship, who knows what. I’m still working on picturing what would have happened next. But this dream makes me want to watch the movies again, so noted down considerably.
Do I fear death? No I don’t, but I think once I’m on board the Dutchman, I’d rather dine with the captain than the crew.

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