You May Lose Faith in Bay, But Not in Yourself

I have no words for this except, my heart is broken.

I have been a Transformers fan since 2009, 7 years catching up to Star Wars. I was exposed to the CGI films first, and since I was still new to the franchise, I loved them right away. But as the years went by, I fell in love with Optimus Prime, started exploring the G1, video games, TF Prime, attended conventions and met Peter Cullen last year. My heart finally saw through what was wrong with the films as time passed.

Now that I know what is wrong with the films, my love for them has turned into mixed feelings of hate and general dislike.

Remember my article about the Optimus I love and don’t love? Well as I have said, the last movie that came out in 2014, that wasn’t Optimus…..it was a violent Autobot painted as Optimus, and that broke my heart.

That’s not Optimus. I mean it looks like him, sounds like him, but doesn’t ACT like him.

Yeah I get it, he’s lost a lot of comrades, I understand how upsetting that may be. But if Optimus were to act like himself, he would move forward and not be angry about it. He would remember to honor their sacrifices, and continue to fight for peace. He would never kill in cold blood.

I stumbled upon an article while I was writing this, and looking for good pictures to use, and a rumor came up that Unicron may appear, but they might end up ruining him too.

There is a possibility that this movie might take place in space because the last one ended with Optimus jetting off world. I was just about to read the article when the title put me off saying, “humans still featured in the plot”.

Look, I’ve got no problem with humans in the story, but if their needs and wants take over more than what Autobots and Decepticons want, then that ruins the story. What SHOULD be featured in the plot is the Autobots and Decepticons! I don’t care how expensive and time-consuming it is to film a giant CGI robot, make it happen for the good of the fans!

If you have played Transformers Devastation, it appeals to fans who no longer like the movies, and feeds the nostalgia in a good way with the return of classic characters, graphics and music. I wish there was a similar animated movie to it. I would have watched that instead.

I’m not saying take away the human element completely, what I’m saying is…..reduce it. Transformers Prime does have human connections with the robots, but it doesn’t take over the plot. The humans are in their place, and it is more robot-focused. Same thing applies to the G1 series. That is what should have happened with the live action movies.

The first movie was one thing because they hadn’t arrived on Earth yet, but after that, once I exited my teen years, I began to realize that it was a joke after the first one.

Am I going to boycott this movie? Maybe, maybe not. But if I choose to see it, I won’t be going to the theater with high anticipation that this’ll be a great movie. In fact, I might just wait a week or too, and read reviews before I decide to go. Bay should have handed the franchise off to someone else long ago, someone who actually knows the Transformers lore better. I’ve been a fan for years and there’s still a ton of things I don’t know in the lore yet.

I’ve lost all my faith in Bay once I compared these movies to the other parts of the TF universe that I liked. It started with the video games once I made my way into the expanded universe, it made me think things like “Why isn’t there more of this in the movies?”

I think that’s a question everyone will ask once they watch the movies, and then later explore other parts of the TF universe.

But I will never lose faith in myself as a fan. If it were not for TF, I wouldn’t not be myself today, and the many other passions I have make me who I am.

I encourage you fellow TF fans, if you are disappointed by the last movie, do not give them your money when this one comes out. If we stand together and do this, they will realize that this is a franchise that you just can’t do this to, and perhaps they will consider making something for us that has what we as fans want:

More robots – less humans, no more sex bomb lead female, less explosions, ditch the military, Autobots and Decepticons with character development, and an Autobot leader that is compassionate and a strong sense of justice.


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