Another Year, a Stronger Love

It’s that special day of the year again! That wonderful day before Valentine’s day, is when that sweet Autobot came into my life.

I almost forgot to make a picture for it today, and I didn’t start doing that until 2014. This year’s themed picture to mark my anniversary since Optimus has been in my heart is G1-themed.

Basic but romantic

Whenever I publish these entries every year, I find myself running out of things to say, as I haven’t had a lot of time to do anything related to Optimus because of my Math homework I wanted to get going on, and chores to do, but I’m wearing my Optimus shirt that I bought from TFCon last year as I write this.

I told Peter Cullen last year that I had been in love with Optimus since 2010 and how much he had inspired me…I’ll never forget how he just smiled and listened to my story the whole time and was touched by it. I think he was going to cry afterwards! As always, when I need to feel happy again, I look at that drawing he signed that is framed on my wall, and the memory comes back to me.
Did I ever share with you the framed drawing? No? Well here it is!
We actually had a bit of trouble trying to find a frame that was just the right size. In fourth grade, I did a gold rubbing when we were learning the middle ages, and I think that was custom framed. This time I just went with basic and picked a purple mat to highlight it a bit. I was really desperate to have it preserved ASAP. 
If there is one thing on my wall that I cannot live without: it’s this drawing. I don’t regret the amount of time I put in to make it for him.
Writing about this makes me want to watch the TFP series again, and I still remember a lot of things that happened in it. Season 1 was mostly different plots, season 2 was Optimus getting amnesia and then hunting for relics. Then season 3 was all about the Predecons.
It was the M.E.C.H organization that I hated the most, and I don’t think this series is meant for kids either (just like with TCW). The show doesn’t have many dark moments, but characters do die. Of course Optimus dies as usual but comes back!
Also if no one minds, I’ll just throw these in here:
Yes I’m one of those ladies, and I absolutely love that Star Saber, it is the most badass weapon I’ve seen my dear Optimus use.
He doesn’t smile very often, but whenever he does, my heart melts. I remember this one from the episode Orion Pax Part 3 when Jack restores his memory. Why can’t you smile more often baby? 
Arcee says Primes don’t party, well if he doesn’t party, then maybe he can take me for a drive instead! Hehehehe, fangirlism…..I think my favourite song out of the playlist of songs that make me think of him is, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.
Happy 6th anniversary to Optimus and I, and to anyone who thinks I need to get a life because I write things like this……..leave now…there’s no point wasting your time complaining who I choose to keep in my heart.

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