Third Time’s the Charm!

Oh my God…..OH MY FUCKING GOD, I am losing my mind right now!

You would think the past few years would get even more exciting for me as a Transformers fan…well you’re certainly right.
Lo and behold!
I had a serious fangirl heart attack when I saw this, just bounced about in my desk chair and allowed myself a moment on my bed to shake about and squeal. This is the exact reaction I had last year when I was informed that Peter Cullen was going to be at TFCon.

The truth is I liked Megatron as a villain at first sight, and as soon as I saw him in the G1 series and Transformers Prime, my interest in him when it came to the Decepticons intensified. My favourite thing about him, is definitely his laugh.

So, have I bought VIP yet? Not yet, but I will stat once they are available. I will have to put my shopping spree on TCW and TFP series on DVD on hold, but this is a necessary sacrifice for a serious TF fan like myself that I am willing to make. But that all depends on when the VIP goes on sale, and I’m sure it will be very soon, maybe next month or so.

So we’ll wait and see what this holds, and I will write once again when it becomes official!


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