So…What’s the Story?

You’re probably wondering after all these years, why am I here writing on the Internet like this in the first place?

How did this all start? Well, I’ve wanted to share this story for a long time now, and now that it’s been about 3 years since I started this blog, perhaps now is the good time to tell you.

I’ve always been writing somewhere about my dreams, feelings, fantasies, and other things going on in my life.

Like most girls, it started with a physical diary. I used to write in it daily about my personal experiences, thoughts, daydreams, etc. Then it went deeper until I had to buy another diary, and then I eventually divided up into using several different diaries. One for personal feelings and thoughts, one for my fantasies and other things imagined, one for school and other parts of my professional life, and one for leisure events.

I always felt better writing about these things because I wanted to either feel better from a devastating event, or remember something that I enjoyed.

Sometimes they were complaints, daydreams, random thoughts, or anything really. But over time, as I got into college, I had one class during my first semester, I had to do in class written assignments and they were handwritten. I didn’t have a tablet back them and my current laptop at that time was getting old so I would always find myself going to the Learning Commons to do my homework and engage in my ideal Internet activity.

By then I had switched my YouTube channel from doing romantic tributes for Optimus Prime…..to doing vocal covers of one of my favourite bands. My channel started its downward spiral of reputation even more by then. It wasn’t too bad while I was still making tribute vids. I had the occasional idiot here and there that thought I was delusional, but things turned for the worse when I switched to doing singing.

I was too young to deal with haters the proper way: ignore them and move on. I took their responses too personally until eventually I decided to hell with this and closed my account.

Recovery from that, at the time, I was working on my first fanfiction that I finally started to pursue more than any other stories I had written. The Monsterman’s One True Love. The first of my Lordi fanfiction, and at that time, Lordi was the band that helped me tone down my Transformers obsession.

It all worked too well when I would publish it chapter by chapter in Facebook notes. Writing seemed to make me forget about the fall of my YouTube channel and the fact that I preferred it over long handwritten personal and professional tasks.. I tried putting my work on Fanfiction.net first, but found the place to be too demanding and toxic so I switched to Wattpad.

I was beginning to realize that writing was what I was born to do on the Internet. So, I decided to start up a blog. I turned to this place first because I already had an account here so I didn’t have to waste any time coming up with yet another password to memorize. But believe me, I would have gone to WordPress second.

Instead I chose to come here because things were very straightforward, and I wasn’t completely blog tech savvy at that time so yeah.

Before I had Facebook, back when MSN was more of a social media platform, there were these things called Windows Live Spaces that was like having your own website. It could have a blog section too. But when MS announced that spaces were retiring, I had the option of upgrading the blog part I had written there over to WordPress, which regretfully, I chose not to do.

So what did I write on that temporary page? Basically, almost the same stuff that I write today, but I was a lot more rant-ish back then. Teen years *sigh*. 

My first post about Transformers on here is actually about what I wish the movies were about, and surprisingly, I wrote the exact same thing on that temporary space blog.

By this time, I still had my physical diaries to write all my thoughts out, but I found myself using them lesser as soon as my blog here started up. My handwriting has never been quick or neat, most likely due to my learning disability. So, I decided to stop writing by hand and write fully on here what’s on my mind, except for things that are too personal to share of course. I started with specific subjects and continued to expand as the years went by, and that pretty much leads us up to today.

Well it’s about time I let that out right? Every blog has its story where it came from. You could also say that I owe Lordi for this, they’re pretty much the band that somehow made me start this blog in the first place.


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