20 Years Ago….Top 4 Legendary

The truth is I never was there when Pokemon first started, but I am happy to celebrate their 20th birthday today.

Last time I wrote about Pokemon, I told the story about my life as a fan from start to present.

What would I write about this time? I haven’t got a lot of ideas because of my inactivity as a Trainer, but that doesn’t mean I’m no longer one. Maybe I should start talking about some of my favourite Pokemon games for future posts here, but for now, I’m going to talk about my Top 4 legendary Pokemon.

Yeah, I know you’re thinking the following two things:

1. Do you like any other Pokemon besides the legendary ones?

2. I know what they are already.

So, to answer those two things that may come up before you read any further: First of all, yes I do like other Pokemon besides legendary ones. But I’m narrowing this post down to just the legendary ones because my list of favourite well…..regular Pokemon is so long that no one would ever finish reading this.

Second, yes I understand that because you probably read my post about my story as a fan, or you saw the first one on my page containing my fictional loves.

But either way, I’m sharing them here.

1. Palkia

Ever since I first caught him when I was 14, I’ve been in love with him. I don’t know what it is, it could be the way he looks, or the cool moves he did when I copied him from my Pearl game to Battle Revolution and saw what he did on the big screen. Watching him do Spacial Rend on there was even more epic than on my Nintendo DS. He would even jump in the air a lot without shaking the field. I always considered him not as mainstream as Dialga, and well there’s not really much to explain, he’s just a fictional love I have that is just simply cool. I don’t regret buying that plush doll of him when I turned 16! I still wanna stargaze with him at the Spear Pillar as I write this. I also used to draw him so many times to a point that I didn’t need to use a picture as a guide anymore. But, if I were to draw him right now, I probably might need to use a picture just to help me make the drawing look better…….and I don’t trace, just so you know. There’s a big difference between tracing and looking at a picture of something and trying to draw it freehand. I just realized that Palkia’s been in my heart for 10 years now! Perhaps I should write a dedication on August 23rd this year for that.
2. Rayquaza
While my brother and I were binge playing the original Ruby game, I remember I was away at summer camp one time, and after dinner we would have an hour of free time. So I would use that free time to call home, and I even talked to him at that time and he told me that he caught Rayquaza. I had to have him too as soon as I came home. I tell you, catching Rayquaza in the original Ruby vs catching him in Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire has its pros and cons. Original game is most memorable but more challenging. Reboots: Makes the event more exciting of what goes down, but many will dismiss it because of nostalgia blindness, no matter how cool it looks. Rayquaza has always been my go-to Pokemon to ride on the back of wherever I wanted to fly. I’ve never been a huge fan of dragons that look like serpents, but Rayquaza is an exception. Still mad that he was made a boss in Super Smash Bros Brawl Subspace mode, I didn’t want to fight him!
3. Groudon 

My first legendary catch ever, Groudon also holds a special place in my heart, but it’s not the same as Palkia. It seems that he replaced Blaziken as my favourite one in my party from my original Ruby game. Groudon has always been there for me to smash things. He’s one with a hot temper, and he’s a total badass that loves to chill in a cave with lava. I can’t tell you how many times I replayed my original Ruby game, just so I could transfer him over to my newer games. Whenever I did that, sending him to Sinnoh was more fun, because all I had to do was run around in the tall grass until he and the others appeared, whereas (I can’t remember which one) I had to play a mini-game of shooting balls at the transferred Pokemon in order to catch them. Anyway, Groudon is like me when I’m angry, I could just turn into him if I wanted to!

4. Giratina
I bet that he was the one referred to as “The Original One” in that book that you read at the library. I wasn’t a huge fan of Giratina until Platinum came out and he transformed. Then there was the distortion that we could visit, and I enjoyed the whole moment of making my way through it to the very bottom, and occasionally glancing him fly by. That whole moment was so cool. I did catch him Pearl once, but after catching him in Platinum, I missed going to the distortion world. You can visit it again in the Turnback cave, but only a small portion of it which sucks. If I could, I would visit there (the bigger version of it in the game with the reversed waterfall and all), let him out of his Poke’Ball and allow him to roam around the place so we could spend some time together. He could even give me a ride around the place too!
So yeah, those are my top four legendary Pokemon, as I told you, if I made a post about my top non-legendary, it would be too difficult to choose! But, I should probably write these more often.

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