Rite of Passage

I haven’t picked up KOTOR in ages due to some graphical and technical difficulties and of course….midterms, but I am definitely playing it tonight.

Why is that? Well last time I wrote about the game, I had met Bastila and was on my way off Taris (finally!), I just needed to break into Sith HQ and kill a dark Jedi.

He wasn’t so tough by the way, and killing Davik felt great since I had heard many things about him that I considered bad.

Anyway, now I’m on Dantooine (is that how you spell it?) and there’s a Jedi temple there.

Surprisingly, things go by really fast like building your lightsaber, taking the oath, etc. and I’m a consular at heart so no wonder I got the saber I wanted!

Don’t mind all the weird lines, this was taken while I was still trying to fix those graphic errors, 
But it’s been fixed now, and I have to save very frequently just in case it crashes, and that won’t stop me from completing it. Some of my followers are anxious to discuss the lore with me but they can’t because they’ll be giving out spoilers! Oh well, I’ll get there so be patient.
My character needs a change of clothes after she’s through with those creatures, it just doesn’t match with a lightsaber compared to when she used guns.
Alright, that’s it for now, I’m getting things here back up and running now that midterms are done, and there are a few things I’ve planned in advance to write or have just recently popped into my head so stay tuned.

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