Lost Dolls and Burnt Villages

Oh my God, I had another one! How many times do I have to dream about a certain movie before I finally remind myself to sit down and watch it again?

I don’t know, these things just happen. It randomly comes back into my thoughts, I swear, my brain is wired to store memories of things like this in long term, and then they suddenly are retrieved out of the blue via a dream.

Even though it always catches me by surprise, I love the moment it brings, because it makes me want to write about it, and watch/read/play the source it comes from.

First I had a dream about Shan Yu capturing me, taking me along with him and his men through the mountain pass, where I served them, and then we fell in love along the way. (oh and if you haven’t already checked, he’s officially one of my fictional crushes now, check the list here , he should be at the bottom)

Now I dream that I am revisiting the burnt village that I used to live in, but he and I are not together in this dream….or should I say, not yet?

Before I go into rant about that dream, I gotta say I think that Mulan is the one Disney movie that I have had dreams about the most over the years. I used to have dolls and other merch. when I was a kid, and now I am definitely going to watch it tonight. If not tonight then most likely Monday night or later this week, definitely this week for sure.

You’re probably going to ask me if I’m going to share my thoughts on the movie, well, I’ve considered it. But the truth is, I’ve seen it thousands of times, I know it inside out. If I reviewed it for you, I might end up reciting the whole plot back to you! So right now, that’s only in consideration.

Takes a lot of torches to leave it like that.

The dream started off where I was waking up in the cellar of my home, I had been down there for hours writing a book on a typewriter, as there was no computer, and then I had gone to sleep. I must have slept through the attack, because when I woke up and opened the trapdoor, I saw the red sky and pieces of my house in ashes and broken wood.

Outside, the village was looking, well almost like the picture above, though not completely. Everything was in ash, except for a few houses like the ones made of bricks. I wandered around searching for survivors and picked up a bow and set of arrows someone must have left behind. In reality, I’m not a specialist at archery, but I’ve always wanted to learn it. Maybe I should take it up as a hobby. 
There were a few bandits looting some of the burnt down houses in search for….well you know, and I kept my distance, treating it like Skyrim, as bandits always try to kill you in that game. Most of them are wearing fur. I peered over a crate and managed to shoot one of them in the back killing him, and later killed the other two after proceeding with caution more. 
After the bandits were dead, I wandered around the village some more, and came into a brick house that was burnt out, but not completely. I walked inside and found stains of blood, but no bodies, and piles of ash. Then on the floor was a child’s doll with black hair and a pink dress. Just like the one in the movie that Shan Yu finds. 
I came back outside holding it against my heart, thinking about the poor girl who was killed and walked along the path until I went over a slope of snow to find endless piles of soldier and civilian corpses. But in this dream, it’s definitely more disturbing to see than it is in the movie.
I knew that if I stayed here too long, they might come back and look for anyone, even if they knew for sure that no one survived. So I left the burning village in sorrow, even though none of the people I lived with in that village I was close to. They were still innocent. Then I headed deeper into the pass.
This dream is almost like a prequel to the last one I had, and judging from what I can imagine and share from both of them, this could be a future fanfiction project to consider.
But first I would like to write a theme song, I already have an ideal melody and title in mind, so we’re getting something.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to watch the movie now, but only if no other school stuff interferes, otherwise I’ll do it tomorrow or Friday.

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