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So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but after having those two dreams related to Mulan, it’s a sign I’ve got an idea deep down in my cerebrum’s unique frontal lobe.

I’m still writing my Kel Dor fanfiction little by little, I write a few paragraphs whenever I get to it, and try to publish a chapter on a monthly basis.

Based on what I have dreamt of the burnt village, and being captured by Huns; I sense a fanfiction project brewing, and could be started by the summer if I finish the Kel Dor one by then.

However, if I were to write this story, it will be a lot different than anything else I’ve written. Same old self-insertion shit, and other things I’ve done before will be there obviously……but what will be different is that, well, my friend and developer of Reclaimer Stats named +Ben Van Riper , has been helping me piece together this story, and things may get brutal.

I’ve written gore before…read my Lordi fanfiction, you’ll find plenty of that, but there might also be torture and other mature themes. When he was helping me piece it together in my mind, rape came up, but there’s no way in hell I want to write that in any of my stories, even if I was paid to do it. So that would have to be replaced with whipping. Consensual sex scenes? Well, once my character falls for Shan Yu and he reciprocates her feelings, I may write that but definitely not like EL James or George R.R. Martin, I just do it my own way but keep it to a minimum. In other words, censor a few things, because I’m not interested in writing things very erotic. I like to keep it vanilla, gentle, and loving.

Too dark to be Disney eh? Some people think that Shan Yu is too serious and dark of a villain to be in Disney. Maleficent is a pretty dark villain, and she’s in Disney too so there, Disney can have dark moments. I will admit that when I was little there were themes in those movies that I was too scared to watch. There wasn’t any rape or torture, but still, you don’t need that stuff all the time to appeal to an older audience.

If I wanted it to be realistic of what the real Huns were like, then this story would probably have to be restricted on Wattpad, because there will probably be torture and abuse before the romance comes to eliminate it.

“You found a girl? Bring her to me, I’m going to take her as my prize.”

So for a plot idea: my character moves to China in hopes of starting a new life, She settles in a small village near the mountains and works in the rice gardens to make a living. The Huns have already climbed over the Great Wall, and are laying cities to waste as they head for the Forbidden City. They attack her village, burn it down, and as the only survivor she ventures out into the mountains heading towards the same place. Shan Yu and his men capture her and he claims her as his prize. While camping out in the mountains, Shan Yu makes her work hard with your typical slave work and frequently seduces her. Whenever she does his bidding without question, and gets it done, it pleases him and he treats her kindly. This allows her to eat and have a place to rest. But if she doesn’t please him or pisses him off, he punishes her.

You could say things get worse to a point until she tries to either escape or attempt suicide. Along the while, Shan Yu has been quite lonely since he was a child as he had no family, and he desires her for something more. But his inner demons are telling him that she is his prisoner and property. He begins to fall in love with her as she remains in his grasp longer. Since he doesn’t have much of a backstory, I figured, why not make him one that leads up to him leading the Huns, why he is the way he is, and what makes him fall in love with my character? 
Eventually they would become mutual lovers and the question that remains is: will she help him conquer China or convince him and his men to return back where they came from? Well, either way, she’s going with him. 
I don’t care if this is another self-insertion story, I enjoy adding myself to them because it makes me feel more connected and dedicated to my work. Stephanie Meyer has been told that Bella is her self-insertion, if she can do it, so can I. The only difference is I give my characters emotions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. I used to have trouble with that in a past, and these days I like to make sure that not every other character in the story likes her, because Mary Sues can come from being a character that everyone loves too. I try to avoid that as much as possible.

Anyway, that’s just an idea I have in mind, I hope to work on my stories just as much as I work on this blog once college is out for the summer. Last summer I had so much time off, yet I didn’t do as much writing, well that’s not the case this year for sure!


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