Storm the Castle

Today’s a rather gloomy day as I sit here writing this in one of the student lounges after lab class.

I heard this morning that there might be a thunderstorm, and I never thought I’d say this….but I hope it happens, it’ll be a sign of spring weather at last. I always have had enough of winter by the time we get to the month of February, the coldest of the year in my humble opinion.

I might take one summer course this year to lighten my load in the fall, and lots and lots of writing plans, here and there, especially Wattpad as it seems everything has been on hold there for a long time.

ComicCon is days away and one of my tweets went viral with dancing Stormtroopers with the con’s Twitter page mentioned.

The only disadvantage of a thunderstorm is I won’t be able to do any writing tonight if it continues, but since tomorrow is another early rise for lab class, perhaps I should just chill the fuck out of tonight for a change.

So do me a favor Thor and help me kiss goodbye the winter weather!

Seriously, do it now!


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