Old School No Digital

I’m at the stage where I almost never do things my generation does anymore…..unless there’s no other option that is. But if there is another option, I go with the one that will have the most value in the end.

If you really love a series that much, that you know you’re going to watch your way through it multiple times: Buy physical copies of it, because it won’t be on Netflix, CraveTV, or whatever streaming source you use forever. Having physical copies of the series, you’ll thank yourself for spending the money on it in the long run.

Surprised? I think I spent way too much on this, but the price was reasonable. It IS a collector’s edition after all 🙂

Seasons 1-5 of TCW in a flesh. I strongly advise you to do this if the series is more than three seasons long. I loved TCW so much when I watched my way through it last summer, that I just had to bring this home.

The concept art is really cool as well, it’s nice to have a bonus. I normally do not buy collector’s editions, but all the other versions on Amazon were Blu Ray which I still do not have so…..yeah.
I’ll have to get season 6 separately if I want it badly enough, or just stick to Netflix. My friend +Alina Organa loves it quite a lot because of Shaak Ti and Fives.
Yes I have season 1 as well, I just need season 3

And here is the other series I loved so much, as I watched through it in late 2014 and early 2015 before the summer hit. Remind me never to buy from the American Amazon site again, because when I ordered season 1, the case arrived damaged so I requested a replacement, and when that arrived, it was damaged again! Outrageous, I tell you, simply outrageous, but well the disks are still playable which is what really matters right? 

Part of me still thinks I should return my copy of season 1 and buy from the Canadian site again. Season 2 and TCW only took two days to get here, but I already blew at least $100 on TCW so perhaps later another month when my bank account recovers. I still have a spending problem, and I don’t know how it’ll impact me in the future when I’m out and about on my own!
Currently watching through season one of Transformers Prime again as I write this. It’s difficult to binge watch while school still hangs over me at the moment. It’s also too bad I’ve already written reviews of these series already, but I’m sure so new ideas will come up as I watch through them again.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll watch a few more episodes and prep for Toronto Comic Con tomorrow.

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