Nerdy Convention Heaven

It has been such a long time since I have been out and about in the streets of Toronto for anything that I love to do, and I wish I could do this more often!

I’m back from Toronto Comic Con, and I tell you it was quite the blast!

We met at the train station early, got on the train in no time at all, and by the time we got to Union Station, we were seeing cosplayers already. I walked alongside of a girl dressed up as Lilo carrying a Stitch plush. I always think of my brother when I see Stitch.

We got in and photos were a must. I didn’t buy any souvenirs, and I wanted to get at least one thing to bring back home, but there was so much stuff to choose from that I couldn’t pick! However, on the bright side, I had plenty of fangirl moments talking and taking photos with other cosplayers.

I saw a few girls dressed up as Daenerys, Cersei, Ariel and even Chica from 5 Nights at Freddy’s (I’m not a fan of playing the games but the lore does seem to have sparked my interest a little)

And now for some photos:

First Kylo of the day

First I ran into this guy, and I went to this convention with anticipation that there would be a ton of people cosplaying as characters such as Kylo Ren, Rey, and Deadpool. (note to self, watch that movie), You don’t have to go very far to see people dressed up as something related to Star Wars.

There were Jedi, troopers, even a few people from the Rebel Alliance, and some Imperial Officers.

One guy was dressed up as Spock, and he literally looked just like him, I swear to God I thought it was the real Spock, as if Leonard Nimoy had come back from the dead. I gave him the Vulcan salute of course

But if there’s one thing I can’t forget that I really wanted to see, it was people from the 501st Legion. A must see for any Star Wars fan out there. As soon as took notice of R2-D2 and the troopers, I had a serious heart attack, to me that was the real R2 and who doesn’t want to see that?

Some other Jedi and Sith were willing to clash their sabers with me for a few minutes. One of them I even had a decent little duel with. Finally! Finally I can use my lightsaber for what it’s meant for, it feels like I had no experience in using my saber for such things because I don’t take it out much, but I was able to react fast enough to parry an attack! When I walked past him again later on, he reminded me that he wanted a rematch!

Fighting a Sith Lord. Sometimes it’s fun to take pictures of dueling with someone with your saber just for the hell of it y’know.

Shortly after encountering this one, I ran into a Vader cosplay who shouted out “Jedi scum!” to me, and I laughed. While my friend +Brayden Hamer would encourage the Empire and say things like “Make the Empire great again” I would just say things like, I would convert them to the good side.

Now since I mentioned the 501st Legion, you’re probably wondering if I got any pictures….well:

This was nearly a dream come true, I feel like I’m on a movie set now, but R2 tops it all here.

This was the moment that I couldn’t control myself because I felt like I was actually in the movies at this point. I just wanted to talk to R2 and fangirl a little whenever he beeped and whistled in response. There is nothing more exciting than being surrounded by everything Star Wars I tell you. Truly a moment any fan would like to experience, even if it’s like this.

No need to deflect their attack as they always miss

Here I am hanging with the Stormtroopers, and one hilarious moment I had was; I ran into two guys dressed up as clones, my friend whispered to them “Execute Order 66” so they pretended to shoot me with their blasters and I started to deflect them! You’re not going to kill me!

Diversity at its best

Good thing there were also some fans out there that appreciate other species. Like these two Twi’leks were totally awesome. I feel like that species in the Star Wars universe doesn’t get enough love, because we know them most for being slaves and dancers. But who says they can’t be Jedi and soldiers? I find that Twi’leks are really cool in KOTOR as you meet Jedi on Dantooine that are them, and then there’s Mission Vao. Their species have bigger roles in those games as well as the clone wars.

Rey is everywhere and a round of applause to them for doing the hairdo right, I can only imagine how challenging it must be. I can’t even put my hair in one bun to be able to do three.

There were quite a few Reys walking around, so I spoke to almost all of them, they really rock the stick or whatever the weapon is. There was even a Tusken Raider walking around with a Stormtrooper, and now Rey’s theme is in my head again.

Another cute pic of R2, I couldn’t stay away from him.

Have you ever had that feeling where you see something from a universe that looks so real, and you don’t want to leave it alone? Been there, done that. I just had to talk to R2 every time I passed by.

Empire and now First Order

If you get pictures with the Empire, then you have to get pictures with the First Order as well. At one point, I was following the 501st Legion around, trying to sneak into the multiple photos that they were getting from hundreds of fans, so I had to stand around on the edge of their line.

Doesn’t get better than this

Last but not least, there was this picture, one of the tallest Kylo cosplayers out there. Most of the fans just wanted photos beside him, while I on the other hand wanted a picture clashing sabers with him, so I think this picture is my favourite now.

One thing that sucked is, after we walked around some more, I ran into some people dressed up as Spartans from Halo and I recited the Ur-Didact’s line about the Mantle of Responsibility to let them know I was a Forerunner. When they pretended to shoot me, my lightsaber’s battery died! 
Still, it was a fun day for me, I felt like I needed this to cut loose and have some fun because of how busy and stressed I’ve been for the past few months.
I’m definitely coming back for Fan Expo this year, I might either go as Emi Takori again or try something else. Speaking of which, an older Star Wars fan asked me about Emi’s story so I told it to him, and was flattered that some people actually wanted to listen to that.
I can’t wait to do this again.

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