Ancient Enemies

Wow…..last night was a real adventure in my dreams, and it’s been such a long time since my brain ventured me into the unexplored worlds of fantasy that I have yet to discover.

I had some resurfacing enemies and allies come back to me, I swear they’re out there looking for me.

Back in high school I tried to merge all my fantasies from sci-fi and fantasy together as one to create one big story. But as the years went by, they split into two, so now it’s like I have one identity in the fantasy universe, and another in sci-fi. I have multiple ones in the sci-fi world which is: A Jedi Consular with acrobatic abilities, the third Didact, a female Sangheili Supreme Commander, and a close ally to the Autobots.

In the fantasy world, I am not a warrior princess or queen like most of you would expect from me. No, I am a master of dragons, one that commands them to stop one of their kind from merging the universe with their other world parallel to ours, which would cause major imbalance and he would rule over it with ultimate power.

I took this idea by merging things such as Pokemon, dragons in general, and Bakugan when I was going through that anime phase. I took the antagonist from Bakugan to be the leading enemy in this fantasy. I will make a separate entry about the story of my identity in this, because it’s a long…almost continuous story.

My obsession with dragons is still strong that I need to make this into a category…boom, done!

Ah Naga it’s been too long, if there is one thing that has stayed with me when anime departed my interest, it’s him. In my imagination, he and I go way back as enemies, which like I said, will be told in a later post.

This dream began with the portal to his world Vestroia opening in front of me. I ventured inside and landed in the Pyrus dimension, as the place had not merged out of balance yet as the adverse event from him merging with the silent core had happened yet.

I had a feeling that this was not the present time as I was only fourteen in this fantasy during an encounter like this. He appeared before me as he was before his transformation and said:

“Remember this day Emily, as this was a close call for you. Never forget it, because one day it will come back to haunt you,”

I stared into his dark eyes as he flew closer and then I realized that this really was the past after all, because then the dream altered to a more recent version of Vestroia.

It was the central area I was trapped inside a ball of negative energy that Naga held in the palm of his hand, and he was in his form merged with the silent core.

The nightmare truly began the day he emerged in his new form for me.

During that moment in the dream, I could never forget when he broke free more powerful than ever after a long period of silence where I thought he had something massive planned against me. It was if the dream started off as a flashback and then cut to the present being his prisoner once again.

Unlike in the series he comes from, in this story, he has a much bigger role. Being in a helpless state like this always reminded me of the first encounter with him in silent core form and was no match against him. Our battles escalated quickly where he was victorious more often than I was. Size had nothing to do with it for your information.
He then released me from the ball of negative energy and commanded me to transform so we would once again settle a score. I sprouted purple wings and wore a dress with golden armor. (some of you might start comparing this to Sailor Moon, but I tell you, this story and dream has some anime elements in it, but not entirely which I will explain in more detail later)
I looked at him one last time and said, “One day Naga, your time will come,”
Then I flew forward, and he started building up an attack coming from the core on his chest.
That was when I woke up, but was happy because it’s been such a long time since I had a dream about an old enemy in my imagination. We’ll see where it goes for future posts and story ideas to share.

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